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Ross Bentley is giving away a free eBook


How to Learn a Track… Fast!



Hey, Ross Bentley is giving away a free eBook called “How to Learn a Track… Fast!” Go to https://speedsecrets.com/learn-race-track-fast/ to download it for free.

Here is a sample: 

"Think about 'learning a track.' The direction the corners go, the changes in radius and banking; how much curbing you can use at the exit; whether the apex is at the third or fourth red panel of the inside curbing; how the surface change affects the grip level; what the timing of where you begin braking is in relation to the sound of your engine changing as you pass the end of the pit wall; whether you use the compression at the bottom of the hill to add more steering; where you should be looking as you crest a hill; how much of the apex curbing you should use.... When all of these, and more, have become ingrained in your mind to the point where you don't have to think about them - and you can access them instantly - you have well and truly learned a track."


"A recent survey of performance drivers showed that those who were rated as having above average competence did one thing significantly different from those rated lower: they prepared. They studied as if they were preparing for an exam."

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