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Thinking about trying out a track day?  See what you need to know to get started....

"It is an opportunity to drive one’s car on a track in a spirited manner and to learn driving skills.  And the cost is reasonable too, making the experience accessible to many who never dreamed that they could do it."

"Ask your instructors to write comments in your journal and document your experience."

"Checkered Flag:  Commence a cool down lap." 

"When you get tired or distracted or are not thinking about the right things, you are in a red mist."

"For next time I’ll be a little better prepared; better brake pads and fluid, a torque wrench, tire gauge, and window cleaner.  I’ll also be sure to study the track layout and watch Youtube videos of the course, as recommended by my instructor."

Doug Quara has been a track driver for twenty years and is an experienced instructor.  Here are some beginning pointers on what to work on....

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