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Alan Wilson designs the tracks and he has pointers for us on how to prepare to drive em....

How To Prepare for a Track You Have Never Been to Before

by Alan Wilson



Here are a few tips for analyzing and approaching a new track from Alan Wilson, the man responsible for the design of such world famous tracks as Barber Motorsports Park, Miller Motorsports Park, Gingerman Raceway, The Thermal Club, Autobahn Country Club and the redesign of Circuit Mont Treblant: 

  • Study a map of the track before arriving.
  • Walk the track before driving if possible. If this is not possible, stand at several corners and watch more experienced drivers find their way around the course.
  • Use the first few laps to get familiar without trying to go fast (but be safe for other cars on-track).
  • Do five lap segments, and stop to think about the track and your driving between segments. Just going around and around simply means that you make the same mistakes over and over again.
  • Look around the track for safe areas to go off the track and pay special attention to any sequence which seems challenging or scary to you.
  • Look at the spin marks on the track and take these areas with extra care until you are comfortable.
  • Talk about the track and your lines with someone more expert who knows the track well.
  • Do NOT push your limits until you are confident of your lines, braking points and flows.
  • NEVER get emotional and drive over your head.
  • Go slow before you go fast!
  • Enjoy yourself.

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