Keeping It On The Track
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Keeping It On The Track

"They start selling these cars - it’s going to be less than 30 minutes before there will be major incidents and some fatalities."

There was a time when the officers would hand out passes to the drag strip instead of speeding tickets!

“Out on the street you don’t know what kind of surface you’ve got. You’ve got asphalt which is really slick. You’ve got concrete which is polished concrete. You’ve got new concrete, the coefficient comes into effect.  On a drag strip [and a road course], it’s a prepared surface.”

"Two of my friends were in the car with me and the one in the front seat turned to me with his eyes huge and he was like, 'holy crap that was awesome!'  I didn't even have to think about it at that point.  I just kind of did it."

Mothers join forces to get out the word to keep it on the track.

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