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"Our instinct for self-preservation leads us to repeat a few bad habits on the track. The key manifestations of fear are coasting, being timid on the brakes and applying throttle late in a corner exit."

"As far as the things that need to be mastered I would think the top three are smoothness, carrying speed in the turns and braking."

"I began following the development of the class about a year ago, watching their forum and Facebook page to see how things panned out.  Any racing is a big investment, and it can be a gamble to test a new class.  No one wants to race in a class with only a handful of cars."

"It doesn’t mean earlier apex.  It means an earlier turn in with less steering angle initially."

"I see this guy’s running 30 events and he’s never put it off the track.  He knows he can drive pretty quick so he must have car control, but the fine art of really being able to sense what the car is doing, what cause and effect are, how to correct when necessary, and being able to drive the car at or very near the limit with comfort – that’s car control."

We are excited to share with you a podcast generously offered to us by Mark Greene.  Larry Webster is the Editor and Chief of Road & Track magazine and a bona fide track day person.  Come take a listen. 

We are excited to share with you a podcast generously offered to us by Mark Greene.  Come take a listen.  Mike Renner has had his share of competitive racing but has also become one of the premier driving coaches at the BMW Performance Driving School and coaches new drivers, racers, F.B.I. agents and Secret Service members who are assigned the task of presidential protection.

I believe in the HOD philosophy that prioritizes things in this order:  Safe, Fun, Learn

"At one stage I was one of 36 drivers in the world with a Formula One Superlicense!  I have driven so many fantastic race cars – most drivers just dream of."

"The wind noise, suspension hammering, tires squirming, engine screaming all filled me with a sense of excitement and wonder."

"I’m still winning races in more competitive events and I think I am still getting better (at least my data says I am!)."

“I’m not the fastest driver out there, but I’m good at communicating, good at breaking things down, tackling challenges from different angles, and—I hope—reading students for how much they can absorb in any given session or day.” 

Sneed suggests to first-timers who are interested in getting started in this hobby that they connect with others.  “The best way to go about it is to either find a shop that can help you or some buddies that are already into it.  It really helps to know people before just showing up."

“Once you work with an advanced person,” says Ray, “you see the issue, give feedback, coach them through it differently and then get out of the car and let them work on it.”

"Driving is like music.  The car is the instrument and the track is the piece of music that you’re trying to play.  And when it’s working, it all flows and everything seems to be happening almost in slow motion."

"Nothing is going to fully compare to flying an advanced attack aircraft, but you can’t exactly go take one for a spin whenever you want.  But really pushing a car 10/10th’s on the track makes for a close second."

"When you grow up in Germany, you dream of Porsches.  On track, any GT3 is what you want."

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