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"In the past decade, most auto insurance companies have added exclusions to their policies eliminating coverage of vehicles for HPDE events."

“Often in everyday life we cannot express ourselves, cannot fully let go and be on the edge. But track day driving is a discipline that allows this to happen, and it is very affordable.”

Alan Wilson Cup Car

Designer of Barber, Miller, Gingerman & Mont Tremblant, Alan Wilson, speaks candidly about his long career.

“It is truly phenomenal.  It goes fast and if it happens to rain, we would hope that it rains every day as it is all wheel drive and I am very comfortable with that kind of condition."  

"They tend to be the type of stories that get told in a shop over a beer or two or from behind the bumper of a car at a car show as people sit in a circle of old car guys in lawn chairs.  So, there are stories that will make you laugh or maybe shed a tear or two."

"My father bought a 1947 MGTC when I was 5 years old.  That is my trigger car.  I remember riding on the platform that is behind the driver’s seat with my sister.  No seatbelts and our heads were above mom and dad’s.  The wind in our faces was fabulous.  There was a bar across the back of the driver and passenger seats that my dad called the “Chicken Bar.”  He would say, “If you are a chicken you’ll hold on.  Otherwise put your hands in the air like you’re on a roller coaster!”

“When Corvette launched the C7 last year, they brought about 40 C7s in every color.  You looked around out there and it was like looking at Skittles.  It was like a rainbow!  It was beautiful.  No one had seen that many C7s in one place at the same time."

How would you like to own an F-150 or SVT Raptor used in the Baseball Hall of Fame parade?  Such greats as Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax and Cal Ripken, Jr. rode in the backs of 25 F-150s supplied by the Ford Motor Company.

He told me: “Capture the smell of burnt rubber and overcooked brake pads, the roar of the turbos, the sensation of flying through a banked turn, and the excitement you get from all of it,” so that’s what I tried to do. 

“Imagine a group of fancy track day cars belting down the straight into Turn One at Sebring while someone behind the fence is pointing their cell phone with its new app at the leading car, switching off its brakes." 

"Take a look at the driver next to you at the track.  Does he or she have some physical advantage over you?  Does he or she have a third arm?!  So what's the difference between drivers?  It's mental, right?"

“Just imagine going 90 miles an hour on dirt, three wide, trying to get to a corner.  That's reeealllly insane right down Santa Monica Boulevard.  When I think of it, it seems outside the realm of sanity."

“I wasn’t so much creating the story as becoming the tube through which it flowed."

“People would call NASCAR on the Monday after the Daytona 500 and say, ‘I want to build a racetrack in my area.’  NASCAR’s response is 'well we’re not in the racetrack business.  We’re in the sanctioning body business."

“My first HPDE event was in 2002 and I was immediately hooked.  Like many, I was concerned about what would happen to my car if I was unfortunate and had an incident at the event,” says Ryan Staub.

Racerender and TrackAddictHD video with data overlay

Auto TrackDay Monthly had the opportunity for a question and answer session with Weston Pawlowski Owner, RaceRender LLC.  

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