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"In the past decade, most auto insurance companies have added exclusions to their policies eliminating coverage of vehicles for HPDE events."



Hagerty LogoHagerty has been in the classic car coverage business for years.  Now they are offering track day insurance.  Industry insiders indicate that the primary target for the new Hagery product is its own classic car insurance users who also want to protect their cars during track days. 


Features of the new program include agreed value, instructor and guest driver coverage, pollutant cleanup, towing and rental reimbursement.  Agreed value involves the owner deciding the value of the car.  For convenience, policies are available up to t

he same day of the event.   


The policies are underwritten by RLI Track Day, a specialty insurer providing solutions to high performance driving enthusiasts for nearly a decade. Policies are available same-day, start at $102/day with a $2k deductible, and apply at 88 tracks in 35 states to licensed drivers over 18 years old.


We spoke to Chandler McCallum of Hagerty Insurance about their new HPDE insurance product.  Here is our interview:


Hagerty obviously believes that the HPDE world is exploding.  What do you attribute that to and how big can it get?



Boy, is it ever! I think there are many factors at play in this space, one being that there is no shortage of fun-to-drive cars. From Miatas to Corvettes to 911s, these cars are designed to do more than sit in rush hour traffic. People want to see what it’s like to push their cars, and themselves, to the limit, and to do so in a safe, controlled environment. Combine that with a world packed with more tracks and track day providers than ever and you can see why this hobby is growing.  


What made Hagerty decide to get into the track day insurance business?

Our members were asking for this coverage. We’re a company for people who love cars, and we encourage our members to get out and enjoy theirs. HPDE is one way they can do that, and it won’t result in a speeding ticket!


Tell us about your track day insurance product?


Our product offers agreed value, physical damage coverage up to $175,000 and can apply to cars which have a higher value. Coverage applies while on-track and in the paddock area of an HPDE event. Supplemental coverages for towing and storage, rental car reimbursement and pollutant cleanup and removal are included in the price of a policy.


We designed this product to be competitively priced, easy to quote (about 20 seconds for a price) and easy to buy (about 5 minutes to purchase a policy). A policy can be purchased right up to the start of an event, on a desktop or mobile device.


Is McKeel Hagerty a track day driver?  Are you?  Tell us about your driving histories and your rides?


McKeel has participated in track day events, and I’m hoping to get him out there again soon!


I have only participated as a passenger – but I hope to change that soon! I’ve recently had the opportunity to ride along with someMcKeel amazing instructors in a Viper ACR and Charger Hellcat at M1 Concourse, and, my favorite experience, a 1974 Porsche 911 RSR at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

I won’t admit what my current ride is – let’s just say it does a good job hauling a 4 year old boy, 2 year old girl, a 9 year old Husky, and a massive double stroller! In my better car years, I started out at 16 with a 1984 Chevy Impala Police Interceptor (not sure what mom was thinking). After that, the car I wish I still had was a 1984 Nissan 300ZX Turbo T-Top. It was in mint condition when I got it in college…then it met its first Michigan winter.


Your initial rates are very reasonable.  Will they remain that way?


We’ve made every attempt to make our pricing competitive and affordable, and we’ll continue that into the future.


What advantages do you offer that differentiate you from other track day insurance providers?


I can’t speak to the other providers, but some advantages of our program include; agreed value coverage up to $175,000, a quick and easy quoting and purchasing process and the ability to buy a policy right up to the start of your event. We also offer coverage for time-trials.



How did you select the 85 tracks?  


Our underwriting partner, RLI Insurance Company, has built up this list of vetted tracks over the past several years, based primarily on demand. We’re always open to looking at new tracks to add, and can typically do so very quickly. We’re actually up over 90 approved tracks now.


Are events by all track day providers covered as long as they are at one of the 85 tracks?


In general, yes, as long as the event meets our policy language:

“’Driver Education Event’ means  a safe driving program combining elements of classroom, off-track, and on-track exercises, which may include “time trial” components. The purpose is for auto enthusiasts to improve their car control skills in a safe learning environment under controlled conditions.”



Are all time trial events covered regardless of organizer?


Refer to the preceding question.


Can you also tell us about your underwriter, RLI?


RLI is an experienced, financially stable specialty insurer that is passionate about high performance driving and has insured over 10,000 drivers to date. They are an A.M. Best A+ rated company. We’ve been fortunate to partner with them – they understand this world, they know the tracks and they are great partners. 



HPDE Crash 2FAQs


What is HPDE?


HPDE stands for High Performance Driver’s Education, which is an event that allows you to take your car out on a track in a safe, controlled environment. Instructors are on hand to teach driving basics, techniques and safety. Advanced participants with enough experience may receive a sign off from an instructor to drive solo.


Doesn’t my auto insurance policy protect my car during an HPDE event?


Most standard auto insurance policies do not cover HPDE events. Auto insurers have started adding specific language excluding “track”, “high performance”, “HPDE-type”, “racing or speed contest events” or while on a “racing surface”. Without HPDE insurance, you might not be covered in the event of an accident or damage to your car.


When I first purchased my auto insurance policy, I was told by my insurance agent that I have coverage for HPDE events. Why do I need this policy?


In the past decade, most auto insurance companies have added exclusions to their policies eliminating coverage of vehicles for HPDE events. We recommend you review your policy and talk to your agent prior to an HPDE event to confirm your coverage.


Is any car eligible for HPDE coverage under this policy?


Our policies cover most vehicles that have VIN numbers.


What does this policy cover?


Hagerty’s HPDE Track Day Insurance Powered by RLI provides physical damage coverage for your car while you are participating in an HPDE event. Your coverage protects your vehicle while on the track or in the paddock. Liability coverage for the driver(s) is not included in this policy.


Will my vehicle be covered if the instructor drives my car?


Yes, your instructor is automatically included in your policy. An additional driver, such as a friend or relative, can be included if they are listed on the application.


Does this policy cover me while I’m racing?


Our policy is designed to cover you during high performance driver’s education events, not competitive events. If your event is not an education event, or it involves competing against other vehicles, this policy is not the right one for you.


I can't make my event anymore, what can I do about the insurance I bought?


Hey, we understand that stuff happens. Shoot us a note or give us a call and we'll work with you to find the right solution, 800-444-0406.



We asked Ryan Staub of Lockton Motorsports to respond to the Hagerty entrance into the track day insurance market.  Here is his comment:


Lockton Logo 2“As evidenced by the many insurers that have entered and exited the market over the past 15 years, managing and underwriting an insurance program for HPDE and Track Day drivers is challenging. Lockton Motorsports and our HPDE Insurance program continues to grow, nearly 10 years after we launched our insurance program.  Our direct involvement in HPDEs and Track Days, knowledge of drivers’ needs, easy insurance purchasing process, and the great claims experience ourRyan Staub customers receive have helped us create a strong reputation in the driving enthusiast community.  We’re committed to providing the insurance coverage HPDE drivers need, while managing a healthy insurance program, to ensure we can continue to offer insurance solutions to enthusiasts.”


As our hobby grows, things just keep getting better and better for HPDE enthusiasts.  Now we can protect our cars and reduce the financial risks we face.  We have protected out 2011 Mitsubishi Evolution X MR for less than $200 for track day events.  If you have been worried about damaging your baby and having to face expensive repairs, Lockton Motorsports and now Hagerty are here to smooth the way to track day enjoyment.  


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