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"As you approach a corner look into the corner, glance into the corner and see the angle.  When I say glance, it literally can just be a flash of looking at the exit of the corner so that you see the change of angle that you have to make."

“...drivers participating in the teen driving school, autocross or M control clinic will develop their own skills, gaining experience and confidence while learning under the guidance of our BMW Performance Center instructors.”

"Drivers need to get fulfillment, that joy out of being able to make a car perform.  It is not only that, but the stress relief, the mental focus, the sheer pleasure of just being out there."

"Universal Pictures hired me in 2001 to be the driving instructor for the cast of 2 Fast 2 Furious which was filmed in Miami and that is when I opened up my driving school - Sports Car Driving Experience.  I got to work with the entire cast and had a great time with all the actors, including the late Paul Walker."

"Nothing beats repetition and seat time.  This is not a sport that requires “book learning” skills.  This sport requires hours behind the wheel until your awareness becomes acute.  Nobody stops learning in this sport.”

"The Grand Full config is a mix of moderate elevation change, medium speed, technical, high speed, high load corners, and also has three separate sections that see sustained triple digit speeds.  I find it to be very challenging but also very repeatable.  It definitely rewards those who take the time to get into a rhythm.  Most of all, tons of fun!"

“Come for the experience and stay for the race,” says Mike Kertscher, Director of Business Services at Road America, located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  According to Kertscher, the average person does not know how diverse Road America is.  It’s a park with a couple of racetracks built into it – truly.  That’s what it is.”

"A common scenario that enthusiasts have encountered over the years was that if you did attend some of these other track events, the leadership would engage in babysitting and you would get a lot of negative direction; or warning drivers about the consequences of bad behavior or threatening to throw you out of the event if you did something wrong.  That early environment was rather like elementary school teachers talking to kids." 

"It’s going to cost anywhere from $9 to $15 million to repave the racetrack and we’re doing our due diligence now.  The engineers are looking at it and we hope the Board will approve it."

"It was a very proud moment for me when they finally said 'ok, you can take one student now, don't mess this up.'"  

"The instructors can't just put their time in and go home - that instructor's not going to fit in here.  We want the instructor who has a desire and a passion to teach.” 

“Our sweet spot is that you can do this for fun and it can be under control from a budget standpoint.  You can do it three times a year or 20 times a year.”

“Paul Newman was here and Jacky Stewart, you name it.  The top drivers had been through here and raced on this track so it has a lot of history."

Said Jim Schenck, Director of R and D at Factory Five, "NCCAR was perfect for us because of its location, both in terms of privacy (since we were testing prior to people seeing the finished car) and because we were able to test in the winter which we can't do anywhere around here."

Said Ken Grammer, Managing Director of both The FIRM and ISA, "Providing world-class training to special forces is the most rewarding aspect of the job and the services we provide."

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