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Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - 2007



The current Porsche 911 GT3 Cup made its debut exclusively in the 2005 Porsche Supercup - and immediately took off on a success streak, setting new records on all circuits the fastest international makes cup of the world visited. From 2006 Porsche delivered the GT3 Cup successively to all one-make racing series around the globe. For 2007 the factory at Zuffenhausen and the motorsport centre Weissach produced the record number of 233 units of the near-standard racer.


Only in the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup the GT3 Cup features the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake PCCB. In the Carrera Cups and GT3 Cup Challenges the cars are fitted with steel brake discs. PCCB reduces unsprung rotating masses and the overall vehicle weight by 20 kilos compared to conventional brakes and sets standards in response, fading stability and durability.


In the Cup specification the latest Cup version of the well-proven 3.6-litre six-cylinder boxer (raced since 1998) delivers 400 hp (294 kW) at 7,300/min. Maximum torque is reached at 400 Nm with 6,500 revs per minute. Maximum revs are 8,400. A sequential close ratio six-speed dog-type gearbox with ignition cut allows for very quick upshifting at high speed without lifting the throttle or using the clutch. On the longest straight of the year in Monza the 911 GT3 Cup reaches ca. 275 kph at 8,200 rpm.


Thanks to an aerokit and the adjustable rear-wing, the body generates more downforce than any of its 911-Cup predecessors. The airflow to and from the radiators and brakes was optimised. The weight of 1,120 kgs corresponds to a power-weight ratio of 2.8 kilograms per horsepower - marking another record in the history of Porsche makes cups.


The suspension with the Porsche-optimised spring-strut front axle and multi-link rear axle corresponds closely to the road-going 911. Ride height, camber and track are infinitely adjustable, the anti-roll bars can be adjusted in ten positions within limits set by the regulations.

The 911 GT3 Cup is built on the production line in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. The race department in Weissach is responsible for the fine-tuning, running-in and delivery of the vehicles.


Technical description


997-basis, self-supporting bodyshell made of galvanised sheet steel; rear lid with adjustable rear wing and doors made of carbon fibre; side and rear windows of plastic; carbon fibre front bumper with spoiler; welded-in steel safety cage (25 metres of seamless steel tubes), height-adjustable racing bucket seat; 6-point safety harness, fire extinguisher system; 90-litre fuel tank; pneumatic car jack.



Six-cylinder boxer, 3,598 cc, stroke 76.4 mm, bore 100 mm, 400 hp (294 kW) at 7,300 rpm; max. torque 400 Nm at 6,500 rpm, max. revs 8,400 pm; dry-sump lubrication, two-stage resonance intake manifold, electronic engine management system MS 3.1, exhaust gas treatment: two Emitec Metallite units in PE DesignÂȘ; premium plus (RON 98), unleaded.


Power train

Six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox; internal compressed oil lubrication, gearbox cooled by oil-to-water heat exchanger; single-mass flywheel, hydraulic central disengagement lever; 5.5 inch triple-disc sintered-metal clutch from ZF Sachs; limited slip differential 40/60 percent, rear wheel drive.



front: Porsche-optimised spring strut, adjustable bending-blade anti-roll bar, wheel mounts with double damper clamps. Rear: multi-arm axle, rigidly mounted axle subframe, adjustable bending-blade anti-roll bar. Front & rear: double coil springs, height, camber, track infinitely adjustable, power steering with electro-hydraulic pressure supply.


Wheels and tires

Three-piece BBS light-alloy wheels with central bolt, front axle: 9J x 18, rim offset 43, rear axle: 11J x 18, rim offset 30, Tyres: Michelin front axle: 24/64-18 (slicks, alternative wet), rear axle: 27/68-18 (slicks, alternative wet)



Brake system with adjustable bias bar, PCCB with internally vented, perforated brake discs; front 380 mm, Brembo six-piston monobloc alu-callipers; rear 350 mm, Brembo four-piston monobloc alu-calliper, Pagid brake pads.



ca 1,120 kgs (incl. oil, coolant)

The first 911 for the Supercup

In 1993 the "Cup 3.8" was the first 911 to race in the series. Based on the 964 with a 3.8-litre engine, 275 hp and a five-speed gearbox, this 911 weighed in at 1,120 kilograms.



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