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The 2014 Ford Focus ST hatchback delivers the same driving attributes that make all Ford Sport Technologies models stand out. The chassis, engine, sound and comfort of the car are tuned to deliver a truly sporty experience combined with a high level of refinement.




The Ford Focus ST was first to bring the Sport Technologies badge worldwide, offering a blend of refinement and performance for which ST is renowned Highly efficient 2.0-liter EcoBoost® engine helps 154-mph Ford Focus ST deliver EPA-estimated 23 mpg city and 32 mpg highway, 252 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque.


Performance meets efficiency under the hood


Focus ST is powered by a 2.0-liter EcoBoost® engine, which offers an uncompromising mix of performance and efficiency. The 154-mph performance car achieves an outstanding EPA-estimated rating of 23 mpg city and 32 mpg highway, with 252 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque.

Focus ST’s lightweight, all-aluminum EcoBoost engine provides the power of a larger engine in a fuel-efficient smaller displacement, leveraging three key technologies.


High-pressure direct injection, low-inertia turbocharging and twin independent variable camshaft timing create an advanced combustion system that brings high levels of performance and fuel efficiency.


Mated to the 2.0-liter EcoBoost is a six-speed manual transmission, which has specially revised gearing to produce the maximum punch from each throw of the gearshift. The Global Performance Vehicles group paid significant attention to detail in ensuring the ratio of sixth gear was perfectly in tune with Focus ST, giving the driver optimum performance while remaining long enough to help maintain excellent fuel economy.


Sound and driving dynamics


Sound engineers ensured Focus ST’s four-cylinder EcoBoost engine delights drivers with a robust tone. A significant part of this process is the famed sound symposer, first found on the previous Focus ST and subsequently employed on the European Focus RS and RS500 models.


Driving dynamics are at the heart of Focus ST. Innovation and technology combine to create a chassis capable of exceeding the expectations of the most demanding driving enthusiast, while giving even novice motorists an unforgettable drive.


From the driver’s seat, customers will experience the Ford sport steering system. This variable-ratio steering rack is designed to increase the agility of Focus ST on winding roads, yet still inspire the same high-speed confidence.


The unique system makes steering less sensitive when driving in a straight line, but increases the feel during cornering. Drivers can keep their hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel through tight hairpins, maximizing their control over the car. It also has benefits in slow-speed situations such as tight parking maneuvers, with minimal input needed from the driver to direct the car into a parking space.


Bold look inside and out


The exhilarating drive of the Focus ST will have customers spending as much time behind the steering wheel as possible. With that in mind, Ford designers worked hard to ensure the interior of Focus ST is a great place to be, helping the driver to feel as connected to the car as possible.

The interior of the core Focus model is designed with a cockpit feel. In the ST, that sporty feeling is heightened with everything the driver touches and feels, reinforcing that it is unmistakably an ST model.


Details range from specially designed pedals, steering wheel and gearshift. The darker headline and trim on the pillars, an integral part of ST design DNA, adds to the performance driving feel.


With its striking one-piece interpretation of Ford’s signature trapezoidal grille, its sculpted side skirts and dynamic rear bumper with prominent diffuser-style vents in the lower fascia, Focus ST’s design adds aggression and aerodynamic stability compared to the base models.


Focus ST’s signature production color, Tangerine Scream, reflects its exciting and energetic character, while other available colors – Performance Blue, Race Red and White – also indicate that this is a car built for performance and meant to be seen.



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