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coupe1c360x190Woodcliff Lake, NJ,  October 31, 2012. Last year, MINI expanded its product family with the launch of a model geared squarely to maximizing driving fun. The MINI Coupe indulges the keen driver with a level of agility unmatched in the small car segment, along with a unique body and interior concept and the brand’s customary commitment to premium levels of design, quality, equipment and personalization. 

The first two-seater in its line-up sees MINI not only breathe new life into its successful racing history but also provide a shot in the arm for the super-compact sports car class. The selection of engines, chassis set-up, weight distribution and aerodynamic properties of the MINI Coupe are all focused on delivering optimum performance. As a result, the new car radiates the brand’s hallmark go-kart feeling with a whole new depth of intensity and achieves the best performance statistics ever recorded by a volume-produced MINI… it is the fastest-accelerating MINI ever and has the highest top speed. 

The MINI Coupe is the brand’s first model to adopt a three-box body structure with a strikingly stepped rear end. Its distinctive lines are expressed in the customary MINI design language and combine with unmistakable styling features. All of which accurately showcases both the new model’s distinctive characteristics and its brand identity. Its flat silhouette and innovative steel “helmet roof” lend the MINI Coupe a sporty and individual allure. In addition to the integral roof spoiler, an active rear spoiler optimizes airflow at higher speeds. 

Inside the car, the two-seater concept is emphasized by features such as oval recesses in the roof liner. With its extremely high-opening tailgate and large luggage area with through-loading facility, the MINI Coupe displays outstanding versatility in day-to-day driving, when transporting leisure items or sports gear, and on trips.

Engine variants:

MINI John Cooper Works Coupe: 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection, plus numerous technological details carried over directly from motorsports.
Displacement: 1,598 cc
Output: 208 hp at 6,000 rpm
Max. torque: 192 lb-ft at 1,850 – 5,600 rpm (207 lb-ft with Overboost at 1,700 – 4,500 rpm)
Acceleration: 0–60 mph: 6.1 seconds
Top speed: 149 mph
US EPA Estimated Fuel Economy: 35 Highway / 26 City / 29 mpg Combined (manual) 

MINI Cooper S Coupe: 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with twin-scroll turbocharger, direct injection and fully variable valve management based on the BMW Group’s VALVETRONIC technology.
Displacement: 1,598 cc
Output: 181 hp at 5,500 rpm
Max. torque: 177 lb-ft at 1,600 – 5,000 rpm (192 lb-ft with Overboost at 1,700 – 4,500 rpm)
Acceleration: 0–60 mph: 6.5 seconds
Top speed: 142 mph
US EPA Estimated Fuel Economy: 35 Highway / 26 City / 29 mpg Combined (manual) 

MINI Cooper Coupe: 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with fully variable valve management based on the BMW Group’s VALVETRONIC technology.
Displacement: 1,598 cc
Output: 121 hp at 6,000 rpm
Max. torque: 118 lb-ft at 4,250 rpm
Acceleration: 0–60 mph: 8.3 seconds
Top speed: 127 mph
US EPA Estimated Fuel Economy: 37 Highway / 29 City / 32 Combined mpg (manual) 

Exterior dimensions: 
Length: 146.8 inches / 3,728 millimeters (MINI Cooper S Coupe, MINI John Cooper Works Coupe: 147 inches / 3,734 millimeters)
Width: 66.3 inches / 1,683 millimeters
Height: 54.6 inches / 1,387millimeters (MINI Cooper S Coupe, MINI John Cooper Works Coupe: 54.5 inches / 1,384 millimeters)
Wheelbase: 97.1 inches / 2,467 millimeters

Unique character, individual design, hallmark MINI design language

The MINI Coupe brings a fascinatingly unique character to its market segment and the MINI model family alike. Its body design is based on a faithful interpretation of MINI design and places a clear emphasis on the brand’s sporting genes. Plus, it features a number of eye-catching individual touches which amount to rather more than model-specific details.

At the same time, though, the Coupe remains unmistakably a MINI. A combination of taut, athletic surfaces, harmonious curves and parallel lines confirms the allegiance of its design language to the cornerstones of MINI design. Indeed, the appearance of the MINI Coupe is also defined by its powerful over-the-wheel stance. And then there are unique design features exclusive to MINI, such as the hexagonal contours of the radiator grille, the black border around the lower part of the body, a host of chrome strips and surrounds and the large circular headlights with integrated direction indicators.

The headlights, like the vertically stacked rear lights positioned on the outer extremes of the rear end, are integrated like “islands” into the body. The positioning lights and foglamps located in the front apron and the surrounds of the side indicators on the front side panels are among the design elements whose origins can be traced back to the classic Mini of the 1950s.

However, the Coupe also breaks the mould – as the first MINI to adopt a three-box body structure. Unlike the MINI Hardtop, the Clubman and the Convertible, the MINI Coupe is divided into three distinct segments: engine compartment, passenger compartment and boot. This structure broadens the MINI Coupe’s spectrum of geometric forms and helps to create a classic and very distinctive Gran Turismo-style rear end, particularly when viewed from the side.

The exterior dimensions of the MINI Coupe give it very sporty proportions and a low, forward-thrusting profile. The two-seater measures 146.8 inches in length (MINI Cooper S Coupe, MINI John Cooper Works Coupe: 147 inches), 66.3 inches in width and 54.6 inches in height (MINI Cooper S Coupe, MINI John Cooper Works Coupe: 54.5 inches). In other words, while the overall length, width and wheelbase (97.1 inches) are almost identical to the measurements of the MINI, the car’s overall height sits a full inch lower than MINI Hardtop.

Distinctive roof form; steeply raked A-pillars, integrated roof spoiler and active rear spoiler optimize aerodynamics
The clear horizontal structuring of the Coupe into three distinct tiers – the body, the wrap-around glass surfaces and the strikingly superimposed roof – is also a typical MINI hallmark. The rearward tapering greenhouse and flat side windows and, most prominently, the innovative “helmet roof” give the MINI Coupe a distinctive appearance from every angle.

To improve airflow at higher speeds, the MINI Coupe is the first ever MINI to feature an active rear spoiler, and it is the first in the BMW Group family to incorporate this technology. Integrated in the boot lid, the spoiler pops up automatically when the MINI Coupe reaches a speed of 50 mph. When the speed drops below 37 mph again, a four-part control mechanism returns the spoiler to its rest position. It is also possible to operate the active rear spoiler manually, for example for cleaning purposes, using a button in the overhead control panel. 

At higher speeds, the active rear spoiler reduces lift at the rear axle to improve aerodynamic balance and road grip. The active rear spoiler forms part of a precisely configured aerodynamic concept that also includes an innovatively designed roof spoiler. This roof spoiler is fully integrated into the styling of the helmet roof. It has an opening in the center which allows the airflow over the roof to be directed down to the rear window or, depending on speed, to the rear spoiler. This reduces rear lift and improves the driving dynamics of the MINI Coupe. 

Also distinctive are the A-pillars and windscreen, which are more sharply raked than on the MINI. The resulting smaller frontal area makes an additional contribution to the aerodynamic properties of the MINI Coupe. Airflow has been optimized to an even greater extent on the range-topping MINI John Cooper Works Coupe. The most powerful member of the Coupe line-up is fitted with a John Cooper Works aerodynamic kit as standard in a nod to its exceptionally dynamic performance capability. 

Interior: clear emphasis of two-seated layout, generous storage capacity
The design of the MINI Coupe’s interior also showcases the pure-bred character of a compact sports car. In typical MINI style, the Coupe also has a large Center Speedo and a tachometer positioned directly behind the steering wheel, and the standard-fitted sports seats offer outstanding lateral support through quickly-taken corners. The colors of the interior, meanwhile, also help enhance concentration on the road ahead. Regardless of the combination of upholstery variant, trim elements and Color Lines chosen by the MINI Coupe owner, the interior color remains Carbon Black. An anthracite roof liner is also part of the standard specification. 

Oval recesses in the roof liner create extra headroom. This exclusive design element lends further emphasis to the two-seat layout and hunkered-down, sports-orientated form of the MINI Coupe body.

The absence of a rear seat bench creates new scope for offering spontaneous driving enjoyment for two people while at the same time catering for the requirements of an active and varied lifestyle. The adaptable, 9.8 cubic feet (280 liters) of cargo volume in the boot is extremely flexible. With a large, high-opening tailgate, and a 14 inch-wide and approx. 8 inch-high through-loading system that can also be opened from the driver’s or passenger’s seat, the MINI Coupe offers cargo-carrying possibilities that will suit a wide range of needs, whether for daily routine, leisure or motoring for two. 

The car’s practicality is further enhanced by larger door bins, three cupholders and a cross-rack behind the seats. Meanwhile, the variable luggage compartment cover eases stowage of particularly bulky items or sports equipment. When the boot lid is opened, the rear section of the three-dimensional cover is also raised. The entire cover can be detached, if required. 

An exclusive selection of colors and materials
The range of exterior paint finishes for the MINI Coupe body comprises nine colors. The car’s roof is painted as standard in a contrasting color; customers can choose from Jet Black, Pure Silver and – exclusively for the MINI John Cooper Works Coupe – Chili Red. This gives the extravagant roof shape a particularly striking appearance. The only exception here is the Midnight Black body paint variant, which can be combined with a roof in Jet Black. Model-specific Sport stripes are available as an option. On the roof these come in body color, on the front and rear ends in the contrasting color. 

The MINI Coupe is kitted out as standard with 15-inch, 16-inch or 17-inch light-alloy wheels, depending on the variant. Further light-alloy wheel designs in these formats can be ordered as an option. 

Special piping-style sports seats and the upholstery color Toffy – unique to the Coupe – add even more scope to the customary MINI variety of seat and upholstery variants. Added to which, the black sports seats can also be specified in Punch Leather with beige-colored perforations. Trim strips can be ordered in any of six variants, and a Chili Red option is also offered for the MINI John Cooper Works Coupe. A choice of five Color Lines is available; the Polar Beige variant can also be combined with beige-colored exterior mirrors. What’s more, customers can explore the additional, extremely exclusive interior design options offer by the MINI Yours range. 

Instantaneous power. The latest generation of four-cylinder gasoline engines
The MINI Coupe can be ordered with the most powerful engines in the brand’s arsenal. Outputs range from the 121 hp of the MINI Cooper Coupe, to MINI Cooper S Coupe (181 hp), all the way up to the MINI John Cooper Works Coupe, a thoroughbred athlete producing 208 hp. 

In the MINI Coupe, engine power is converted into pure driving fun more directly and comprehensively than ever. Cutting-edge drive system technology ensures that the engine’s output and torque are generated with exceptional efficiency – and experienced with great intensity by the driver. Instantaneous power development delivers impressive sports performance, while high elasticity and optimum gear ratios guarantee unbeatable agility in mid-range acceleration.

The MINI Coupe takes modern route in delivering an extra dose of urban driving fun. At the same time, the brand’s racing genes are clearly reflected in its character. Customers in the US can choose from a selection of three engines for their MINI Coupe. All the model variants carry the Cooper name in their designation. 

Traditionally, this familiar badge has been a sign of outstanding sporting ability and a nod to the brand’s association with legendary Formula One designer John Cooper. This is the man who smoothed the passage of the classic Mini into race competition. Its racing exploits have long since passed into legend, reaching their zenith with three overall victories in the Monte Carlo Rally. 

The MINI Coupe has also been created with winning in mind. Indeed, the MINI Cooper Coupe, MINI Cooper S Coupe, MINI John Cooper Works Coupe offer a blend of fuel consumption and driving fun that is unmatched.   

The MINI Cooper Coupe, MINI Cooper S Coupe, and for the first time starting in 2013, the John Cooper Works Coupe will all be available with an optional six-speed automatic gearbox as an alternative to the six-speed manual item fitted as standard across the Coupe range. 

The standard-fitted six-speed manual gearbox sets a new benchmark in the segment with its short shift travel and impressively precise action. A ready-to-drive weight of 98.7 lb makes this the lightest gearbox of its kind. The MINI Coupe comes with a self-adjusting clutch. Automatic readjustment ensures that the pedal feel you expect from a MINI is there to be enjoyed over the car’s full service life. Plus, the synchronization of the gears is further optimized by a carbon coating for the clutch linings. The ratios have been set to ensure that each gear change takes place at the optimum engine speed and thus allows a rapid progression of the acceleration process. 

A six-speed automatic gearbox with Steptronic function can be ordered for the MINI  Coupe range. With its exceptionally short shift times and direct “target gear” finding capability on downshifts, the automatic likewise showcases the sporting character of the MINI Coupe. The driver can also change gear manually using the selector lever, while shift paddles on the steering wheel are available as an additional option. 

MINI Cooper Coupe: high in energy, low in CO2
The new member of the MINI family displays a contagious spirit and verve – even in entry-level form. The four-cylinder gasoline engine in the MINI Cooper Coupe produces 121 hp from its 1.6-liter displacement, reaching this maximum output at 6,000 rpm. Peak torque of 118 lb-ft is on tap at 4,250 rpm. 

The secret behind the engine’s lightning-fast response to every movement of the accelerator pedal lies primarily in the fully variable valve management system unique in the MINI segment. This throttle-free load control technology is based on the VALVETRONIC system found in BMW engines and optimizes both the engine’s responsiveness and its fuel consumption and emissions. 

Within fractions of a second, the valve management adjusts the stroke and opening period of the intake valves to the amount of output required, with the camshaft acting on the valves through an additional intermediate arm, and not directly through the cam follower. The pivot point of this additional intermediate arm is infinitely adjustable by an eccentric shaft controlled by an electric motor. The throttle butterfly – used to control load in conventional engines – is fitted solely as an emergency backup and for diagnostic purposes. Under normal circumstances it remains fully open at all times to minimize flow losses in the intake manifold. 

The MINI Cooper Coupe uses this instant pulling power to deliver impressive acceleration and races from rest to the 0-60 mph mark in just  8.3 seconds. Its top speed stands at 127 mph. 

MINI Cooper S Coupe: unbeatable efficiency, intoxicating driving fun
The likewise 1.6-liter power unit under the bonnet of the MINI Cooper S Coupe comes with fully variable valve management as part of a package of technology and also features a twin-scroll turbocharger and gasoline direct injection.

 In this type of charge system the ducts of two cylinders are combined with one another in the exhaust manifold and in the turbocharger. This construction leads to instant development of charge pressure. Meanwhile, direct injection allows extremely precise amounts of fuel to be fed into the cylinders, promoting clean and efficient combustion. The combination of turbocharging, direct injection and variable valve management produces maximum output of 181 hp at 5,500 rpm and established the four-cylinder unit in the MINI Cooper S Coupe among the world’s highest rated engines.

 Maximum torque of 177 lb-ft is on tap as low down as 1,600 rpm, and can be raised to 192 lb-ft for a short time using the Overboost. This function serves up additional pulling power to ensure particularly dynamic acceleration. The MINI Cooper S Coupe dashes from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds, and its top speed stands at 142 mph.

 MINI John Cooper Works Coupe: an extreme athlete in peak form
The exceptionally sporty MINI models bearing the John Cooper Works badge hold a very special status within the model range. Features such as engine technology derived directly from motorsports mark them out from the norm. The MINI John Cooper Works Coupe adds another top-class athlete to the MINI ranks. A 208 hp four-cylinder engine with twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection imbues it with unrestrained power, giving it the tools to do what MINI does best – entertaining drivers – even better. For 2013, it also boasts the VALVETRONIC technology.

The 1.6-liter engine under the bonnet of the MINI John Cooper Works Coupe is largely the same as the unit powering the competitors in the MINI CHALLENGE Clubsport series. Numerous technical details originate directly from developments in motorsports, including the aluminum cylinder block and bearing mounts, reinforced pistons, a particularly high-strength cylinder head and lightweight crankshafts. The exhaust valves are sodium-filled to provide the extra cooling required by a turbocharged engine, and the intake camshaft features infinite phase adjustment. The modified turbocharger develops even greater charge pressure than the engine in the MINI Cooper S Coupe. The model-specific exhaust system can be identified from the outside by its polished stainless steel twin tailpipes, while its resonant soundtrack – best sampled from inside the cabin – adds a distinctive extra layer to the extreme sports machine’s character.

The engine generates peak output at 6,000 rpm and produces maximum torque of 192 lb-ft; the Overboost function pushes this figure up to 207 lb-ft for a short time. The instantaneous power development ensures imposing acceleration, the MINI John Cooper Works Coupe rocketing from a standstill to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds on the way to a top speed of 149 mph. 

The ultimate in go-kart feeling. Suspension and driving experience
A level of chassis quality that is unmatched in the small car segment gives the new MINI Coupe the handling flair you would expect from the brand. The precise Electric Power Steering, the standard-fitted DSC stability control system, powerful brakes and measures designed specifically to optimize torsional rigidity ensure the MINI Coupe driver can enjoy the ultimate in go-kart feeling. 

The suspension system effortlessly translates the power of the MINI Coupe engines into a fun-filled and agile driving experience, delivering the sharp handling typical of MINI that also contributes to a high standard of active safety. With the suspension technology closely matched to the engine power, the MINI Coupe provides the most intensive expression to date of the trademark MINI driving experience, or go-kart feeling. Even when pushed hard in dynamic driving situations, the outstanding quality of the suspension, control arms, steering and brake system ensures confident control of the vehicle at all times.

The MINI Coupe owes its agility and sure, safe handling not only to front-wheel drive and superior suspension technology, but also to a low center of gravity, a long wheelbase measuring 97.1 inches, and a front and rear track width of 57.4 inches and 57.8 inches respectively. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system is fitted as standard on the MINI Coupe. With its extensive functionality, it adds to the safe and sporty handling qualities. 

Suspension technology: specific to MINI and unique in its segment
Using top-quality components and a design that draws on the engineering expertise of the BMW Group, the MINI range offers suspension quality that is unique in this segment. In the MINI Coupe too, the suspension technology – as ever designed specifically and exclusively for the MINI – plays a big part in giving the vehicle its typical MINI character. This MINI-specific development approach is also responsible for the excellent balance between ride comfort and cornering stability, as well as the remarkably low levels of torque steer even when accelerating hard.

MacPherson strut front suspension provides excellent wheel location, while the sophisticated kinematics of the multi-link rear suspension maintain optimal road grip at all times. The longitudinal control arms are made of aluminum, which cuts down on weight. Anti-roll bars reduce body roll to a minimum and make their own contribution to safety and agility. The suspension components have been meticulously adapted to the sporty personality and specific weight balance of the MINI Coupe and the body calibration on all model versions emphasizes their sparkling handling characteristics. The optional sports suspension has firmer damper settings and comes with sturdier anti-roll bars front and rear. For a “hard-core” racing experience, the accessories range offers John Cooper Works suspension, with a 10 mm drop in ride height, ultra-firm damping and anti-roll bars whose diameter is even larger than on the sports suspension package.

15-inch alloy wheels are standard specification on the MINI Cooper Coupe, with a 16-inch version standard on the MINI Cooper S Coupe. The MINI John Cooper Works Coupe is specified with 17-inch, weight-optimized alloy wheels in John Cooper Works Cross Spoke CHALLENGE styling. In the US, the Cooper S and John Cooper Works Coupe models are equipped with standard run-flat tires, so it is possible to continue driving, subject to certain restrictions, even after a complete loss of tire pressure. The run-flat tires are optional for the MINI Cooper Coupe model. All models feature a Tire Pressure Monitor System as standard.

Guaranteed precision: Electric Power Steering and powerful brakes
The compelling handling is also partly down to Electric Power Steering (EPS), which gives the MINI Coupe excellent directional control in all situations. This electromechanical power steering system is particularly effective at soaking up steering shocks and other vibrations.

The integrated active return function ensures that the steering wheel always returns precisely to the center position when straightening up after a turn. The speed-dependent power assist reduces the steering effort required from the driver when parking and maneuvering and, conversely, reduces the amount of assist at higher speeds to improve road feel and directional stability. The Electric Power Steering also helps to make the MINI more energy-efficient since its electric motor only operates on demand, when steering assistance is actually required. No power is consumed during straight-line driving or steady-state cornering. 

The MINI Coupe’s Electric Power Steering is also available with variable power assist levels. A Sport Button on the center console is standard on all MINI Coupe vehicles, allowing the driver to choose between the basic power assist level and a second mode designed to support a more performance-minded driving style. This second mode requires more steering input but provides a more responsive steering feel. Simultaneously, pressing the Sport Button also alters the response characteristics of the accelerator, which immediately delivers sharper, sportier reactions. 

The MINI Coupe’s model-specific braking system provides powerful, fade-free deceleration, even under the hardest braking. The vented front brake discs have a diameter of 11 inches on the MINI Cooper Coupe, 11.6 on the Cooper S Coupe, and 12.4 inches on the MINI John Cooper Works Coupe. Optimal braking performance at the rear is provided by 10.2 inch discs (MINI John Cooper Works Coupe: 11 inches). 

DSC Dynamic Stability Control as standard: optimized traction with DTC and EDLC
The standard-fitted Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system, with extensive functionality, is a benchmark in the MINI segment. DSC makes an important contribution to safe and agile handling. In very dynamic driving situations and on slippery surfaces, the system can selectively brake individual wheels and reduce engine power to prevent a front- or rear-end slide at the earliest possible stage. The system includes integral anti-lock braking (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Brake Assist and Hill Start Assist. 

Dynamic Stability Control is combined as standard on the MINI John Cooper Works Coupe, and optionally on all other model versions, with the Dynamic Traction Control system (DTC) with integrated Electronic Differential Lock Control (EDLC). DTC, which can be activated at the push of a button, raises the response thresholds to make it easier to move off on loose sand or snow, allowing the drive wheels to spin slightly in the process. DTC also allows a degree of controlled wheel slip under very sporty cornering. A longer push of the button fully deactivates the DSC system. 

With DSC in “off” mode, the EDLC system responds instead, in relevant situations. EDLC offers enhanced performance characteristics when accelerating hard out of corners and tight bends by precisely controlled braking of a drive wheel that is starting to spin. This improves traction without negatively affecting the understeer/oversteer characteristics of the car. The result is smoother, faster cornering.

Stiff body, ideal weight balance 
The MINI Coupe is equipped with extra bodyshell stiffening at the rear, which means that the overall torsional rigidity of the body is even higher than on the MINI. In conjunction with the extra-sturdy side sills, this optimizes the occupant protection provided by the strong passenger cell. At the same time the high level of body stiffness on the MINI Coupe also enhances agility and precise handling control. 

At the front of the vehicle, too, there are special body-stiffening measures, along with innovative features to improve pedestrian protection. The resulting weight distribution has major benefits for vehicle dynamics. The slight increase in front axle load rating compared with the MINI increases traction at the front wheels and helps to ensure that the engine power is effortlessly translated into sporty acceleration. 

The range of safety equipment fitted as standard includes front airbags and head-thorax airbags, which are integrated into the sides of the seat backrests and protect the head, upper body and hip area from injury in the event of a side-on impact. Added to which, both seats come with three-point inertial reel seat belts including belt force limiters and belt tensioners.

Extensive standard equipment, high-quality options
The MINI Coupe comes with an impressive standard specification, further enhancing the driving fun available on board and underlining the car’s premium character. The equipment list includes air conditioning and speed-sensitive power steering. Height-adjustable sports seats, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors and the radio MINI CD audio system with MP3-compatible CD player and AUX IN connection are also included as standard.

High-quality items of optional equipment – some of which are unique in the small car segment – allow customers to further enhance the comfort and individuality of their MINI Coupe. The list of options includes Park Distance Control with rear sensors, which makes parking and maneuvering that much easier, as well as front fog lamps, a rain sensor with automatic headlamp activation, and Adaptive Headlights (in conjunction with optional xenon light) which adjust the tilt of the headlights to the car’s steering angle and speed in order to optimize illumination of the road through corners. Xenon headlights can also be specified with black housing. Among the other options available are Comfort Access, an on-board computer, automatic climate control, heated seats, a multifunction steering wheel, an automatically dimming rear-view mirror and exterior mirrors, an armrest, the storage package, and preparation for a rear luggage carrier rack. Customers can also dip into the selection of exclusive options available from the MINI Yours range and ultra-sporty John Cooper Works options and accessories.

Among the items owners can have fitted to maximize on-board entertainment and make communication even easier are the Harman Kardon sound system and USB audio interface. The MINI Visual Boost radio and MINI navigation system link up with a 6.5-inch high-resolution color display in the Center Speedo and the standard Bluetooth hands-free system with USB audio interface. This allows customers to access an even more extensive range of functions supported by a connected mobile device, including audio streaming via Bluetooth, album cover artwork display on the on-board monitor and innovative office functions. The maps for the MINI navigation system are stored on the car’s built-in Flash memory device and can be updated via the USB interface.

Unrivalled entertainment and communications functions from MINI Connected
Customers specifying the MINI Visual Boost radio or MINI navigation system will also be able to access internet-based services inside the car courtesy of MINI Connected. MINI-specific functions can be uploaded via a MINI Connected software application and operated using the joystick, steering wheel buttons and on-board monitor. Adopting the familiar MINI display and operating logic, MINI Connected enables comfortable, simple, secure and intuitive control of all functions while minimizing driver distraction. The MINI Connected App gives owners of an Apple iPhone access to innovative functions designed to enhance driving fun, entertainment and social networking.

Among the functions no other model in the MINI segment can offer are use of the Google local search and Google Send to Car services, as well as reception of user-definable RSS news feeds, the content of which is displayed on the on-board monitor and can be read out using the optional voice output function. MINI also allows in-car usage of web-based social networks. MINI Connected customers can receive Facebook and Twitter posts inside the car, display them on the on-board monitor and have them read aloud by the optional MINI Connected voice output function. In addition, current vehicle data and details of the driver’s destination or the outside temperature can be added to preformatted text messages and sent out directly from the car using either service. With the Dynamic Music function, meanwhile, every journey in the MINI can be enjoyed to the soundtrack of specially arranged songs, whose rhythm and sound volume adjust to the driving style at any one time.

Production - Tradition and Quality, Made in England
The modern MINI’s sales success is mirrored by its production triumph. The original plan launched in 2000 called for an annual output of 100,000 units, but demand by 2005 had already doubled that number.

Growth of this magnitude demanded the utmost performance and great flexibility on the part of the production plants as well as the suppliers. To facilitate this, the new generation of MINI Hardtop, Convertible and Clubman are built by three British plants of the BMW Group production network in Oxford, Swindon, and Hams Hall.  These three plants form a closely-knit production system, with a highly integrated structure. Together, all three plants currently employ some 5,700 associates, with a maximum production capacity of up to 240,000 MINIs a year.

The three plants comply with the production and quality standards of the BMW Group and are certified for environmental management to ISO 14001. Together with the BMW Research and Innovation Center (FIZ) in Munich, Germany, the Quality and Engineering Center (QEC) in Oxford played a decisive role in the ongoing technical development of the MINI. And now the QEC consistently monitors production quality by means of advanced and sophisticated inspection methods.

Flexible, customer-oriented production 
The Mobile Standard Production Cells (Mobi-Cells) developed by the BMW Group, a significant innovation employed in the 15,000-square-meter body shop, increase production flexibly and quickly whenever required.  This makes production of the new MINI highly flexible, reflecting the standards of the BMW Group’s Customer-Oriented Sales and Production Process (KOVP). This flexibility allows the customer to change the configuration of his or her car up to six days prior to the start of assembly, despite a choice of more than 370 features and options in the interior, more than 300 variants on the exterior, and the approximately 2,000 components which go into every MINI.

Strict quality standards also applied to suppliers 
A number of suppliers have located in the vicinity of the BMW Group Plants in Oxford, Swindon, and Hams Hall, creating hundreds of jobs in the region. Such close contact with manufacturers of components including seats and cockpit modules guarantees optimum, on-time management of production processes.
MINI in the US
MINI is an independent brand of the BMW Group. In the United States, MINI USA operates as a business unit of BMW of North America, LLC, located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey and includes the marketing and sales organizations for the MINI brand.  The MINI USA sales organization is represented in the U.S. through a network of 115 MINI passenger car dealers in 38 states. MINI USA began selling vehicles in the U.S. in 2002 with the introduction of the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Hardtops.  Since then, the MINI Brand in the U.S. has grown to encompass a model range of six unique vehicles.


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