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Chevrolet Enters B-Spec Competition with Sonic Race Car

sonicbspecORLANDO, Fla. – Acclaimed for its balanced handling and sporty driving experience, Chevrolet Sonic has been transformed by Chevrolet Performance for the track as a B-Spec race car concept. It previews a competition kit for racers to help them convert a street-going Sonic into a dedicated race car.

“Sonic B-Spec concept demonstrates the car’s capabilities in the increasingly popular B-Spec subcompact classes in several racing series,” said Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “Sonic’s great balance of power and responsive handling make it a natural on the track – and a formidable competitor.”

Conforming to series guidelines, the Sonic B-Spec concept’s modifications are limited to safety features and chassis/suspension enhancements designed for the rigors of racing. Components of the production-intended competition kit on the concept include chassis, suspension and other parts required to transform a production Sonic into a competitive race car:

  • Front strut coil-over assemblies and mounts
  • Rear shock coil-over assemblies and mounts
  • Adjustable front stabilizer bar links
  • Rear axle shim kit
  • Inlet air restrictor
  • Recalibrated ECM and EBCM.

The Luxor Blue concept vehicle – accented with Monaco Blue graphics – also shows lightweight 15x7-inch racing wheels wrapped with complementing racing tires.

Much of the Sonic B-Spec kit’s evaluation has come at road courses around the United States, including Virginia International Raceway and the most recent testing session at Barber Motorsports Park, in Birmingham, Alabama. Through such development and validation testing, engineers ran the Sonic B Spec through the equivalent of a season’s worth of racing, ensuring it is not only a fast race car, but one that will hold up to the rigors of competition.

Safety features, such as the roll cage, safety seat, window net and racing harnesses, would be sourced separately by the builder. The concept vehicle is shown with a Monaco Blue-painted roll cage, carbon fiber racing seat, five-point safety harness, window safety net, center catch net, quick-release steering wheel/hub system and a fire extinguisher.

Like the other vehicles in B-Spec classes, the Sonic race car concept’s 1.8L engine remains unchanged from its factory specifications, although an air restrictor is employed to equalize its output with other competitors. It is backed by the production five-speed manual transmission.

The Sonic B-Spec competition kit is anticipated to go on sale in the first quarter of 2013 through Chevrolet Performance retailers. 

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