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Affiliated Panoz technology and automotive companies now align under DeltaWing Technology Group, positioning company as a leading transportation and technologies solutions provider

Dr. Don PanozSebring, Fla., March 20, 2015 – Don Panoz, the founder of DeltaWing Technologies Inc. and other technology and transportation companies, today announced the restructuring of related and cross-functional Panoz companies under DeltaWing Technology Group, Inc. This new structure strategically aligns affected companies in logical and efficient divisions of expertise and responsibilities and positions the group as a transportation technologies solutions leader catering to multiple industries.
The new organization also supports anticipated growth related to several important green technology and luxury transportation projects currently underway. This includes developing street-legal cars featuring the innovative and efficient DeltaWing® vehicle architecture, creating electric vehicles and car-sharing programs to help reduce urban congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, growing the Panoz brand of exclusive made-in-the-USA performance sports cars, and engineering transportation, aerospace and aviation technology solutions. Panoz is chairman and CEO of DeltaWing Technology Group.
There are four divisions in the new structure: manufacturing, luxury automotive, electric and alternative-fuel transportation, and green automotive technology. The affiliated Panoz companies will be structured under DeltaWing Technology Group as follows:

  • DeltaWing Manufacturing Co. is a diversified manufacturing and technology company that provides design, engineering, advanced composites manufacturing, metal fabrication, production, and engine design and development services to the automotive, aviation, aerospace, SATCOM and defense industries.
  • DeltaWing Consortium is an association of technology companies that work with Panoz technology and transportation companies to apply the latest, most advanced technologies and materials during the product design and engineering stages. DeltaWing Consortium companies bring together best-in-class industry leaders to collaborate on groundbreaking solutions. This environment encourages innovation at a rapid pace.

 Luxury Automotive

  • Panoz recently celebrated its silver anniversary as America’s most exclusive custom sports car brand. The Braselton, Ga. company has extensive experience conceptualizing, designing, and manufacturing unique and exclusive performance machines. Panoz was the first U.S. auto manufacturer to use super formed aluminum panels for its bodies and created America’s first Aluminum Intensive Vehicle (AIV), the Panoz AIV Roadster. The Panoz Museum is the company’s newest addition and showcases Panoz sports car and racing history and accomplishments. The 10,000-sq.-ft. exhibition is home to the 1997 Le Mans GTR 1, the 1998 Q9 hybrid Le Mans prototype, and the 2000 LMP1 Roadster S that won the 1000km of Nürburgring.

 Electric and Alternative-Fuel Transportation

  • DHX Electric Machines Inc. is an Atlanta-based developer and manufacturer of innovative small, very lightweight and ultra-high torque electric motors using proprietary and patented direct-winding heat exchange (DWHX ™) cooling technology. These motors can be used in a variety of EV transportation platforms from scooters to automobiles, as well as many industrial applications. The DeltaWing Technology Group has an exclusive licensing agreement with DHX Electric Machines Inc. to use this technology in various transportation applications.

 Green Automotive Technology

  • DeltaWing Technologies Inc. is a technology company creating tomorrow’s sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. Its goal is to partner with like-minded companies to develop DeltaWing® road cars and help the world’s automakers meet more stringent requirements such as the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standard of 54.5 mpg by model year 2025. The company has started developing DeltaWing® two-seat GT sports car and four-seat sedan prototypes, but styling remains open to give automakers branding flexibility. The DeltaWing® platform can be fitted with all-electric or hybrid powertrains; today’s smaller and lighter high-efficiency gas, diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) engines; and even tomorrow’s hydrogen fuel cells. As a result, it can:
    • Reduce EV range anxiety and help put more EVs on the road, further reducing emissions and helping improve air quality
    • Further extend a diesel-powered vehicle’s already impressive range
    • Reduce emissions from gasoline-powered vehicles by up to 42 percent
    • And even extend the range of hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles.
  • DeltaWing Racing Cars is changing the face of motorsports through the Claro/TracFone DeltaWing Racing Cars DWC13 Coupe. It competes in the 2015 TUDOR United SportsCar Championship with about half the weight and aerodynamic drag, half the horsepower, and half the fuel consumption while delivering the same performance.  

DeltaWing Technology Group recently announced new independent fuel economy figures that would make the DeltaWing® four-passenger road car – if built today – America’s most fuel-efficient internal combustion engine vehicle. An independent engineering firm calculated a proposed DeltaWing® car with a major domestic automaker’s four-cylinder, 1.4-liter turbocharged engine and six-speed automatic transmission would deliver 73.7 mpg highway, 49.5 mpg city, and 58.1 mpg combined. This is an impressive 42 percent improvement over the figures the firm calculated for the automaker’s passenger car featuring this engine and transmission.
If on the road today, the DeltaWing® car would surpass the future Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard of 54.5 mpg by model year 2025.
With this news DeltaWing Technology Group announced it is developing DeltaWing® prototypes, as well as an evolution of the DeltaWing Racing Cars program. It will build DeltaWing GT race car concept based on the DeltaWing street-legal car platform and expected to appear in 2015. The Claro/TracFone DeltaWing Racing Cars DWC13 Coupe continues to race in the 2015 TUDOR United SportsCar Championship.

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