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New tire testing capabilities will assist the engineering of modern cars

Tire TestingCharlotte, North Carolina (June 16, 2015) – CAMBER RIDGE, LLC, an automotive industry innovation leader, today announced its financial partnership with Teton Capital, LLC of Jackson, Wyoming to launch a new state-of-the-art facility for vehicle tire characterization, which will begin operations in 2016.

The new facility will be located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, just 7 miles north of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and in the midst of the region’s growing automotive research and manufacturing cluster.  Teton Capital is backing the commercialization of Camber Ridge patented tire testing and characterization technologies that promise to deliver new scientific insights into tire performance that are required to serve the automotive industry’s commitments to fuel efficiency, safety and future technologies such as self-driving capabilities.

Unlike traditional tire testing labs that use stationary test equipment, Camber Ridge’s facility will operate tires of all shapes and sizes on a unique paved indoor test track using specially developed machinery. “Our approach is to combine the best features of traditional laboratory testing with the best features of proving ground testing, such that tire measurements are both repeatable and accurate,” states Dr. James F. Cuttino, CEO of Camber Ridge.  "We understand that today’s passenger car, heavy truck and military vehicle designers are faced with big challenges – mostly related to regulatory compliance and complex on-board systems – both of which demand accurate simulation during the product development stage.  These simulations must be fed with accurate information if engineers hope to improve drivability on wet roads, reduce fuel consumption and deliver emergency maneuvering capability.  At the heart of it all is the tire, the only connection between a car and the road - so our aim is to give engineers access to the best possible information about tires.  Teton Capital’s funding allows us to implement a number of advanced technologies that have been in the internal R&D stage since 2009.”

"We are very excited about Camber Ridge's future and our partnership together to bring to market an innovative and efficient way to provide the automotive industry with much needed capabilities that will have such an impact on performance, safety, and development costs," said David Sokol, CEO and Chairman of Teton Capital, LLC.  “Since tires are such an important influence on how cars drive and behave, I believe this could eventually create a paradigm shift in the way modern cars and roadways are designed.”  Teton Capital is a private equity firm with a history of investing in automotive related industries, as well as banking and consumer products.

About Camber Ridge, LLC

Founded in 2009, Camber Ridge, LLC has developed and patented numerous tire testing and characterization technologies. For more information about Camber Ridge, LLC, visit its website at

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