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“Welcome to TrackDayZone.  Your one-stop-click track day and high performance driving experience source!”


Contributors:  Jerry Austin, Ross Bentley, Tony Bones, Satch Carlson, Greg Haas, Peter Krause, Burt Levy, Chad Morehead, Clive Murphy, Boris Peharda, Doug Quara, Chris Sneed, Ingrid Steffensen, Alan Wilson


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Track Walk Webinars with Mike Skeen & Johan Schwartz


"One of the most important things to going fast and progressing in car control is an understanding of weight management, especially at the point of brake release."


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Reading the Car Through Your Hands & Feet


"The goal in every corner is to get maximum exit speed by giving the car one nice throttle application as early as the car will take it."


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The Race Driver Coach:  Enzo Mucci


“Often in everyday life we cannot express ourselves, cannot fully let go and be on the edge. But track day driving is a discipline that allows this to happen, and it is very affordable.”





iLaps Transforms Your Smart Phone into an Intelligent Data Logger

"Measuring motor sport performance is a serious task and requires an accuracy that mobile phone sensor chips are incapable of."

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Making the Leap from Track Days to Racing:  Racing School


"After more academics and lunch, we practiced passing in groups of three cars."





2018 Camaro ZL1: The Most Track Capable Camaro Ever 


"The owner’s manual supplement outlines what prep is needed for heavy track use. Specifically, suspension alignment and oil specs."


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Record your laps with in-car video and data overlays.  

Just click below and be directed to our selection of technology selected particularly with HPDE track days in mind.



Free Track Day Manuals

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BMW M Laptimer App


BMW Car Club of America Roundel Editor Satch Carlson whispered in our ear recently about the new BMW M Laptimer app.  He thought a review was in order, so here it is. 






Track Attack Update



"Moving forward, I know there is still at least 1 second on the table and can clearly see it when just looking at my own data." 





Fast Girl:  Ingrid Steffensen



"I’m not the fastest driver out there, but I’m good at communicating, good at breaking things down, tackling challenges from different angles, and—I hope—reading students for how much they can absorb in any given session or day."    





Nasa HPDE Program

""It was a very proud moment for me when they finally said 'ok, you can take one student now, don't mess this up."  



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Driving Coach Peter Krause Part I



"I’m still winning races in more competitive events and I think I am still getting better (at least my data says I am!)."


Tire Rack: Revolutionizing tire buying since 1979





Getting Started

Ready to try a track day?  Know what to expect....


How To Prepare for a Track You Have Never Been to Before

Alan Wilson designs the tracks and tells us how to prepare to drive em....


Video Archives

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Satch Carlson, Roundel Editor writes about 

Auto TrackDay Monthly in Roundel Weekly.  

Read the article on our magazine Foreword

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David Ray of Hooked On Driving


“Once you work with an advanced person,” says Ray, “you see the issue, give feedback, coach them through it differently and then get out of the car and let them work on it.”





Chris Sneed of Sneed's Speed Shop


“The best way to get started is to either find a shop that can help you or some buddies that are already into it.  It really helps to know people before just showing up."





Where They Raced


“Just imagine going 90 miles an hour on dirt, three wide, trying to get to a corner.  That's reeealllly insane right down Santa Monica Boulevard.  When I think of it, it seems outside the realm of sanity."





Auto TrackDay Monthly

YouTube Channel




Saleen Automotive’s Mustangs



With all of their racing experience, odds are that you can depend on Saleen to build you a car that is highly capable and well balanced for track day and street use.  



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Listen to our interview podcast

on www.carsyeah.com

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Praise for Auto TrackDay Monthly

"Michael and Ziva Allen found themselves so involved with track schools that they launched an online magazine for track junkies. Since I’ll be heading to Buttonwillow for a Central Cal Chapter school in a few weeks, I have been spending quite a bit of time at the site. Okay, I have been spending too much time on the site. I can’t help it!"

-Satch Carlson, Editor of Roundel Magazine


"I just took a look at your website, and I can see that I'll be back many times in the future. Looks great!"

-Ross Bentley, SpeedSecrets.com 


"Wow – Michael and Ziva…you humble me…the article is amazing…thanks so much for the effort – and for being 100% accurate in rendering our conversations…wow…"

-David Ray, Hooked on Driving


"Excellent!!   Outstanding!!  Awesome!!  What else can I say?  BTW, this is one of the most accurate, best written articles I have read in quite a while."

-Gene Felton, Champion Professional Racer


"Fun doing that interview and your site is a terrific resource!"

-Peter L. Krause, Driving Coach

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