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The most important investment you can make in your track day career is not in your car.  It is in you. 

The number one reliability issue to deal with for track day driving is heat.  The buildup of heat affects all automotive systems and track driving results in heat the way street driving cannot touch.

Get to pre-grid (get in line) 5 minutes early and practice breathing and lap visualization.

Take a little time to bed your new rotors and pads in correctly and you will enjoy maximum brake performance and product life.

The overwhelming cause of brake vibration is a condition called Disc Thickness Variation (hereafter referred to as: DTV).

So, the message is clear. Always bed-in rotors correctly prior to hard driving. This will relieve internal stresses within the rotor and ensure maximum resistance to distortion.

"Boiling a low temp and OEM Toyota Thermostat to ensure they open/close at the correct temperatures. Just a simple meat thermometer does the trick."

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