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All track day organizations require drivers to wear Snell certified helmets.  Since you will be doing HPDE in a street car you may want to consider an open face helmet. Some drivers feel overly confined in a closed face helmet.  If you do buy a closed face, you can leave the wind screen up in a closed cockpit car.  More expensive helmets are made with lighter materials, easing neck strain.  They come with features that make them compatible for racing, like communicator jacks.  If you feel that track day driving may lead to racing you may decide to go for one of those higher end models.  We have many price points and models to choose from.  

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Bell M.8 SA2015

The wider eyeport is perfect for drivers not used to wearing a helmet, and is the style of choice for eyeglass wearers.

$499.95 Ex Tax: $499.95

G-Force EX9 Full Face

Premium look and feel, with G-Force's classic value-oriented budget price.

$299.99 Ex Tax: $299.99

G-Force GF1 Open Face

Lightweight fiberglass and Kevlar composite shell, in a classic open-face design.

$179.99 Ex Tax: $179.99

G-Force GF3 Full Face SA2015

Excellent quality, functionality and style at a budget-price!

$249.99 Ex Tax: $249.99

Arai GP-5W SA2015 Helmet

Featuring a tall eyeport, the Arai GP-5W is a favorite of stock car, sedan, and rally drivers alike.

$809.95 Ex Tax: $809.95

Sparco Sky RF-7W Carbon-Fiber SA2015 Helmet

Designed with direct feedback from the world's top racing teams.

$950.00 Ex Tax: $950.00

Sparco Air RF-5W SA2015 Helmet

The lightweight Carbon-Kevlar shell is lighter than ever, and is both Snell and FIA rated.

$750.00 Ex Tax: $750.00

Roux R-1 Carbon SA2015 Helmet

Carbon-Fiber shell for the ultimate in protection and weight-savings.

$1,399.95 Ex Tax: $1,399.95

Roux R-1 Fiberglass SA2015 Helmet

Lightweight Fiberglass shell is both Snell and FIA-8859 rated.

$549.95 Ex Tax: $549.95

Roux R-1 Composite SA2015 Helmet

Kevlar and Fiberglass composite shell that offers excellent value without sacrificing performance or weight.

$899.95 Ex Tax: $899.95

Simpson Bandit SA2015 Helmet

The Simpson Bandit is back with it's classic and distinct styling.

$449.95 Ex Tax: $449.95

Simpson Venator SA2015 Helmet

Constructed from a lightweight fiberglass shell certified to the latest Snell standards.

$639.95 Ex Tax: $639.95

Arai GP-6S SA2015 Helmet

Using the same shell shape as the GP-6 PED, the GP-6S is designed with the sport racer in mind

$859.95 Ex Tax: $859.95

Bell RS7 SA2015 Helmet

Lightweight carbon composite shell, combined with an innovative shell and shield design to improve acoustic comfort, aerodynamic performance and impact absorption.

$799.95 Ex Tax: $799.95

Bell RS7 Carbon-Fiber SA2015 Helmet

Ultra-lightweight carbon shell is styled with aerodynamic performance in mind.

$1,299.95 Ex Tax: $1,299.95

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