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Motive Magnum XLT Brake Bleeder Kit

The Motive Magnum Pro Power Brake Bleeder kits include a large 4 qt. capacity tank and multiple adapters to fit just about any vehicle.

$161.96 Ex Tax: $161.96

Motive Power Brake Bleeder Catch Bottle

Our bleeder bottles feature a stainless lanyard to hold the bottle to a suspension component and a return nipple to prevent spills

$20.66 Ex Tax: $20.66

Cool Brake Hose 3" Diameter

Abrasion, acid and solvent resistant, and withstands temperatures from -40F to +240F.

$0.25 Ex Tax: $0.25

Longacre Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line -18 inch

Longacre's Stainless steel braided teflon brake lines come complete with permanently swedged fittings.


$12.99 Ex Tax: $12.99

Sparco Expedition Seat

Extra-low thigh bolsters allow for easy entry into lifted vehicles.

$330.00 Ex Tax: $330.00

Sparco R333 Seat

Stylish and modern look to match today's street cars.

$525.00 Ex Tax: $525.00

Sparco R100 Sky Seat (Vinyl)

Featuring a durable and comfortable black vinyl cover.

$330.00 Ex Tax: $330.00

Sparco Chrono Road Sky Seat (Vinyl)

Covered in a durable and comfortable Vinyl material.

$500.00 Ex Tax: $500.00

Sparco Fighter Seat

Designed to provide the extreme support and weight reduction of Sparco's Competition line in your street car.

$675.00 Ex Tax: $675.00

Sparco Chrono Road Seat

Full suspension bottom and generous sizing makes this a comfortable seat for any driver

$500.00 Ex Tax: $500.00

OMP WRC-R XL Racing Seat

Wider and taller version of the popular WRC-R racing seat.

$819.00 Ex Tax: $819.00

OMP Champ-R Racing Seat

FIA-rated fiberglass shell for maximum protection at a budget price.

$659.00 Ex Tax: $659.00

Sparco Evo LF Fiberglass Racing Seat

Thin-profile bottom cushion helps keep the driver as low as possible.

$800.00 Ex Tax: $800.00

Sparco Pro 2000 LF Fiberglass Racing Seat

A new, super low-profile bottom cushion insures a low seating position.

$800.00 Ex Tax: $800.00

Sparco Rev II LF Fiberglass Racing Seat

All new reinforced fiberglass shell that has been stretched slightly wider to accommodate a larger range of drivers.

$825.00 Ex Tax: $825.00

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