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Motive Motive Pro XLT Master Brake Bleeder Kit The Motive Pro XLT Brake Bleeder Kit includes adapters to fit just about any vehicle... Product #: MOT0260 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $152.96 $152.96 In Stock

Motive Pro XLT Master Brake Bleeder Kit

Brand: Motive
Product Code: MOT0260
Availability: In Stock

Price: $152.96
Ex Tax: $152.96


Bleed brakes like the pros at only a fraction of the cost! The Motive Brake Power Bleeder uses pressurized brake fluid to safely and easily force air and contaminated fluid out of your car's lines and hydraulic cylinders. Say goodbye to bleeding and re-bleeding to get a completely air-free system. Now Brake Bleeding can be a one person operation. Simply connect the custom adapter to your car's hydraulic fluid reservoir, add fresh hydraulic fluid to the Motive Brake Bleeder canister, and pressurize the canister with the hand pump. When a bleed valve is opened, watch the dirty fluid flush out, and the new fluid pour in!

The Motive Pro XLT Kit includes adapters to fit just about any vehicle. Quick-release style adapters allow the quick and easy removal and replacement of adapter styles. The Pro XLT Master Kit includes the following adapters:

• 1100 (European Cars)
• 1101 (Universal, Import/Domestic)
• 1103 (Chrysler)
• 1105 (Early American w/ rectangular reservoir)
• 1107 (Ford 2-in)
• 1108 (GM Round)

Technical Information

Part Number: MOT0260
Manufacturer: 0260

• Heavy-duty pressure tank holds up to 2 quarts of fluid - enough to fully flush and clean most hydraulic systems without refilling.
• The hand-pump is built in. No other pressure source (air compressor, spare tire) is needed.
• Precision pressure gauge ensures safe and effective operation. You'll never over-pressurize the system.
• Thoroughly tested for compatibility with both standard and newer synthetic hydraulic fluids.
• All Motive Power Bleeders come with a full 1 year warranty.

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