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AiM AIM Solo DL GPS Laptimer - OBDII The Solo DL, with the included OBDII connecter, logs all data coming from the ECU while still record.. Product #: AIMSOLO OBD2 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $699.00 $699.00 In Stock

AIM Solo DL GPS Laptimer - OBDII

Brand: AiM
Product Code: AIMSOLO OBD2
Availability: In Stock

Price: $699.00
Ex Tax: $699.00

Similar to the AIM Solo, the Solo DL is an automatic lap timer based on GPS technology. The Solo locates its GPS position, identifies the track from the internal list of the main world tracks and starts automatically sampling lap times. In addition, the Solo DL, with the included OBDII connecter, logs all data coming from the ECU. Real-time GPS data (laptimes, speed, accelerations) and RPM's, throttle, water temp., oil pressure, etc. are displayed at once! (Note: OBDII connectivity and data availability may vary based on make/model of vehicle.)

The AIM SOLO automatically records and displays crucial data to improve any type of race performance: speed, performance and regularity on both open and closed circuits (ex. rally). The AIM Solo can show: speed, lap and split times, predictive lap time, best lap, and acceleration. When the race is over, all of the data can be downloaded to a PC and analyzed in the included Race Studio 2 software using graphs, tables and also real GPS images. Plus, thanks to the built-in track database it is no longer necessary to assign GPS coordinates to sample lap times: just switch Solo on and it detects the coordinates using the GPS, automatically recognizing track, lap and split coordinates.


Part Number: AIMSOLO OBD2
Manufacturer: SOLO GPS OBD2

Kit Includes:
• USB cable
• Mounting Bracket
• Wall charger adapter
• OBDII ECU harness
• Race Studio 2 Software

Technical Specifications:
• Integrated track database
• Accelerometer: tri-axial +/- 6G
• Size: 98x78x30
• Weight: 220g, battery included
• Display resolution: 128x64
• Waterproof
• Rechargeable lithium battery
• Battery duration: Up to 4 hours with back light, up to 6 hours without backlight
• External power: 12 Volt
• Magnetic base
• Memory: 16 MB
• Usage temperatures: -20°C/+60°C

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