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All track day organizations require drivers to wear Snell certified helmets.  Since you will be doing HPDE in a street car you may want to consider an open face helmet. Some drivers feel overly confined in a closed face helmet.  If you do buy a closed face, you can leave the wind screen up in a closed cockpit car.  More expensive helmets are made with lighter materials, easing neck strain.  They come with features that make them compatible for racing, like communicator jacks.  If you feel that track day driving may lead to racing you may decide to go for one of those higher end models.  We have many price points and models to choose from.  

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Simpson Super Bandit SA2015 Helmet

Classic Bandit look, now made in the USA!

$549.95 Ex Tax: $549.95

Simpson Carbon Devil Ray SA2015 Helmet

Features an exceptionally light-weight 2.9 lb (Medium-size) carbon shell.

$879.95 Ex Tax: $879.95

Simpson Carbon Venator SA2015 Helmet

Titanium is interwoven with the carbon fiber, resulting in a high strength to weight ratio.

$999.95 Ex Tax: $999.95

Arai GP-6 Ped SA2015 Helmet

The visually striking Arai GP-6 sets the standard for competition auto-racing helmets

$1,689.95 Ex Tax: $1,689.95

Bell Sport EV SA2015 Helmet

Extra large 4.5 inch tall eyeport - the largest of any helmet in our catalog!

$399.95 Ex Tax: $399.95

Bell Vador SA2015 Helmet

Intimidate the competition with the aggressively styled Vador!

$499.95 Ex Tax: $499.95

Simpson Carbon Bandit SA2015 Helmet

Features an attractive carbon finish while dropping a third of the weight over the standard composite Bandit helmet.

$879.95 Ex Tax: $879.95

Bell Sport Mag SA2015 Open-Face Helmet

Perfect for autocross and closed cockpit track cars, with a comfortable fit and full visibility.

$279.95 Ex Tax: $279.95

Bell Mag 1 Rally SA2015 Open-Face Helmet

Equipped with a Peltor intercom system and boom-style microphone. Be able to hear your instructor or be heard by your students.

$459.95 Ex Tax: $459.95

Arai GP-J3 SA2015 Open-Face Helmet

Improved shell shape and extended facial coverage for a full-face fit.

$629.95 Ex Tax: $629.95

Simpson Voyager 2 SA2015 Helmet

The entry-level Simpson Voyager helmet follows tradition with a large, open eyeport at an easy to swallow price!

$369.95 Ex Tax: $369.95

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