Driving Technique
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Driving Technique

"The approach involves braking in a straight line before corner entry to avoid unloading the inside rear tire any more than necessary, and applying light throttle on corner entry to maintain a steady speed on a circular arc towards the apex."

"I encourage you to explore whether your driving actually matches up with your perception."

"Corner entry is arguably the single most challenging aspect of competitive driving."

"Most of the focus for the setup with this type of car is in getting it comfortable and preserving the tire--this also happens to be where the tire is working best."

"If you ever find yourself pulsing on and off the brake pedal, work on making it one efficient motion: Make the first hit as hard as you can (without locking the tires) and smoothly taper off as you approach the turn-in."

"One of the most important things to going fast and progressing in car control is an understanding of weight management, especially at the point of brake release."

"A sign of brilliance is being able to take a complex subject and make it simple. And while driving the car on the edge of the friction circle is not easy, Donohue made the concept simple to understand."

"When you grasp the steering wheel, be conscious of your fingertips as the first contact and explore the minimal inputs required to change direction.  Plant your heel on the floor to index your foot's position and actively use your toes first for braking and throttle."

As multiple world champ Jackie Stewart once noted:  “The key thing is not so much when you get ON the brake pedal, but when you get off of it.”

Alan Wilson designs the tracks and he has pointers for us on how to prepare to drive em....

"The apex gets all the glory, but entry wins the race."  Chris Sneed discusses driving technique.

Instead of thinking, “I need to hit the brakes to slow down,” say to yourself, "I need to apply the brakes only just enough to make it through the corner as fast as possible.”

"Early in my driving career one of my instructors taught me to read the tachometer at a specific point on the exit of each turn I was striving to improve."

"It’s a heck of a lot of fun to witness a first time, inexperienced student who has never driven on a track before, smiling ear-to-ear by the end of the day.  That’s why I do it."

Jerry Austin uses AIM and Motec data acquisition hardware to assist drivers.  He has given us permission to reprint this example of data analysis.

Use karting to fill that track day itch between events and to hone your driving skills....

Know all the common terms heard at a track day event and study up on driving techniques....

"Set goals and work on turns, one corner at a time, during each session.  Otherwise you are just repeating bad habits."

"Get to pre-grid (get in line) 5 minutes early and practice breathing and lap visualization."

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