How To's
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Get to pre-grid (get in line) 5 minutes early and practice breathing and lap visualization.




_____   Register for event

_____   Download technical inspection form

_____   Download medical clearance form

_____   Download event information

_____   Make hotel reservation

_____   Inspection by approved mechanic

_____   Replace oil and brake fluid

_____   Check tires

_____   Mount track tires

_____   Check lug torque

_____   Check brake pads or install track pads

_____   Bed in procedure for new pads

_____   Empty vehicle as much as possible

_____   Install snap-in harness belts


_____   Helmet

____     Gloves

_____   Long sleeve shirt and long pants

_____   Driving shoes or sneakers

_____   Layers and rain parka

_____   Magnetic numbers

_____   Plastic bin or large trash bag

_____   Bottled Water, Gatorade, healthy snacks/energy bars

_____   Glass cleaner and paper towels

_____   Driver’s Log Book

Select Tools

_____   Torque wrench

_____   Impact wrench

_____   Lug nut key

_____   Tire pressure gauge

_____   Air compressor

_____   Duct and painters’ tape

_____   Caliper spreader

At Event

_____   Check gas level

_____   Check tire pressures

_____   Re-torque lug nuts

_____   Re-check all fluids

Empty vehicle of the following:

_____   Floor mats

_____   Transponders

_____   Check under seats

_____   Connect video mounts

_____   Cameras and smart phone apps

_____   OBD II sensor

_____   GPS sensor

The Morning Begins

Attend drivers’ meeting

Stretching and calisthenics

Get to pre-grid (get in line) 5 minutes early and practice breathing and lap visualization

Slow first 2 laps so as to get heat in tires and brake pads

Remember!  In slow/out fast

After Each Run

Cool down in paddock

Check gas gauge

Coast to a stop

Do not apply parking brake

Debrief with instructor

Check tire pressures asap

Open hood

Check oil levels

Hydrate yourself

Reflect on session/take notes/keep up log

Watch video on app

Upload video to laptop

Erase video

Find instructor and ask to ride along


End of Event

Ask instructor for comments in log

Visit event photographer

Repack in reverse order

Take it easy going home


Pull tape off car

Clean tire rubber off car

Upload videos to YouTube

Email Alerts

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