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"Jerky, violent driving means abrupt accelerations that transfer weight quickly. The tires don’t like that."

"How quickly a racing tire comes up to a good operating temperature, at least 180 degrees F, depends on the load, car speed, ambient temperature and the track surface temperature."

"Tires that can be reliably driven to and from a track and used effectively on the track are generally grouped into three categories, with each category favoring a different balance of performance: "

"Measuring motor sport performance is a serious task and requires an accuracy that mobile phone sensor chips are incapable of."

"In our testing of the new set up in the manual transmission, pro-level drivers can run a full tank of fuel in temperatures of up to 100 degrees, a substantial improvement over prior years."

"The advantages of High Performance Street Race Pads over HP Plus are that they offer more torque and a higher temp rating for greater fade resistance.  The temp rating of HP Plus is 100-800 degrees F and HPS Street/Race is 100-1200 degrees F."


"Find some tires that are reliable and affordable, figure out the right inflation pressures and have fun flogging your toy.  And don’t let the tires freeze in winter storage!"


"Having a great predictive time displayed in the car has really helped with knowing, while still on the track, which line or technique is better.  There is no more guessing or going by what “feels” faster.  With data, you know what is faster."

Our hobby is becoming more and more accessible thanks to these street legal track day tires. 

"The program will help drivers get into the zone and perform at their best more often. Who doesn’t want that?!"


"Looking at parameters like percentage full throttle over a lap, throttle speed, brake aggression and coast time are all some of the more advanced measures I use to help even experienced drivers break through plateaus that invariably affect us all."

Q.  We last spoke about six months ago.  What are the latest developments with your app?  A.  It’s been a busy six months!  A couple of big things.

BMW Car Club of America Roundel Editor Satch Carlson whispered in our ear recently about the new BMW M Laptimer app.  He thought a review was in order, so here it is. 

Instead of thinking, “I need to hit the brakes to slow down,” say to yourself, "I need to apply the brakes only just enough to make it through the corner as fast as possible.”

“After the first session we looked at his data and I could see that he had a bad habit of rolling off the throttle as he approached a hard braking point.  This is something he didn't realize he was doing so he had no idea that he needed to change.  Data shows this immediately.”

"With track days growing in popularity world-wide, many people are learning the hard way just how punishing these events can be on brake system components."

"We race a 2009 Mitsubishi Evolution X RS in the relatively new category of Time Attack.  It's a big horsepower car with very few restrictions imposed within the category, I think that's the reason we enjoy it so much."

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