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"Measuring motor sport performance is a serious task and requires an accuracy that mobile phone sensor chips are incapable of."


iLaps Transforms Your Smart Phone into an Intelligent Data Logger

ilaps 2iLAPS, a new product in development and close to being released, is the first and only telemetry system designed for smartphones, with apps available for Androids and iPhones.  iLAPS can detect all the information you need during your on-track sessions without expensive and complex equipment.

“We wanted to create an effective telemetry system comparable to those used by Formula 1™ teams but affordable and easy to use by any amateur or professional driver. iLAPS is a very smart system designed to improve the most important part of the racing vehicle – you the driver,”  says iLAPS' inventor, Stefano Brozzoni.

“Your audience of track day drivers is probably our most suitable potential customers” says Brozzoni.  “By my experience, most of them are actually using mobile application-based lap timers because they can’t afford to buy expensive and complicated telemetry systems, which are really meant for racing.  Measuring motor sport performance is a serious task and requires an accuracy that mobile phone sensor chips are incapable of.  This is the reason why I’ve invented iLAPS.  When I discovered that my iPhone GPS refreshes the geo-position every one second (1Hz), I made a simple calculation.  When I transit the finish line, let’s say at 180Km/h, I am moving at 50 meters per second.  So, if I transit the finish line in a range of 50 meters, my mobile app is displaying the same time throughout that range!"

“But that is not the only problem.  The horizontal accuracy of a good GPS built-in chip is around 25/30 meters, if there are no clouds.  If theilapsincar weather is bad, accuracy will be a lot worse.  To designate a track line over a map with this kind of accuracy and consider it for your telemetry analysis is simply ridiculous” adds Brozzoni. 

“If you want to measure lap time by GPS, you must adopt a professional electronic component.  We have chosen the most advanced in the market.  It refreshes up to 50Hz with a horizontal accuracy guaranteed by a multi-satellite standard Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) around 1 meter at maximum."

“We have also integrated an inertial measurement unit (IMU) high-end component at 9-axes for a very quick response.  An inertial measurement unit measures the roll, yaw and pitch of a vehicle, acceleration, angular rates, altitude and linear velocity.  It’s the same unit used in missiles and satellites and to control unmanned systems such as drones.  An IMU is at the heart of the balancing technology used in the Segway.  You know how slow the built in gyroscope is in a mobile phone.  We can display acceleration/deceleration values with precision and display a “real” lean angle.”

Many drivers like to videotape their track sessions and overlay data.  Brozzoni tells us that “yes, it will be possible to export the telemetry data for overlay.  We also allow users to upload their videos in their dedicated web space at” 

“I got the inspiration for iLAPS in 2014” says Brozzoni.  “At that time, my son Alessandro was an international karting driver.  I noticed that telemetry data analysis may be greatly improved if accessible from anywhere.  I’m an entrepreneur involved in the internet and mobile application business since 1996.  It was easy for me to integrate my background in business with my greatest passion; motorsport.  The idea started to become a reality one year later after talking with my friends, engineers Paolo and Mario.  We started to think about a proof of the concept and a development plan.  We made several prototypes and spent a lot of time testing, talking with professionals and writing programming code.”

ilaps video overlayBrozzoni is no stranger to track driving.  “My passion for motorsport comes from way back.  I’ve been a motocross rider and then switched to cars.  I’ve done many track days and participated in Audi Experience races at Le Castellet when I lived in France.  Now I don’t have spare time to dedicate to my passion, but if I’m around a go-kart track, I cannot resist.” 

Brozzoni explained how the system can best be utilized by track day drivers.  “I think that iLAPS is the perfect product for track day drivers.  The dash can be installed in a minute with a suction cup mounting kit and then it is ready to use because it recognizes the circuit from the database.  No particular settings are needed, just a driver and a full tank of gas!  The special plus of the system is the real-time live telemetry.  You can inform your friends or coach about your session and they can assist you from their home/office by giving you feedback about your performance!”

“If you give permission, a teammate or coach may send you direct messages to your in-car display during the session, giving you immediate and effective feedback and driving advice,” explained Brozzoni.  “All telemetry data are stored in our cloud server forever and an HPDE driver may view and analyze the performance with great accuracy.  Drivers may also replay a pre-processed session comparing different ones on the same track or, when available, compare their line with the ideal line designed by our predictive intelligence algorithms (ghost driver).”

iLAPS interfaces with the SIGMA (Sports Interface GPS Mobile Armor):  a  practical dash which is waterproof and shock resistant and equipped with an accurate multi-satellite GPS, operates at a frequency of 50Hz, able to ensure a margin of error of less than one meter (compared with 30 meters of the ordinary cell phone built-in GPS).

Using iLAPS throughout your track day enables you to determine whether you are driving the ideal line.  Additionally, you can use lap overlaysiLaps features to compare driving lines and have your telemetry data visible in real time connected with your coach.  Using GPS, there is no need for an external beacon or transmitter.  Virtual start/finish/split lines can be easily saved and transferred.  Upon completion of your track day, simply pull your smartphone out of the SIGMA dashboard and continue analyzing with an included smart phone application.  If you want to share your performance and pull up records of your sessions, you will able to publish the data in your dedicated space at with just a click.

iLAPS does not require the use of any PC based telemetry software:  the data collected during track sessions will be transmitted to the Cloud, with the ability to access it from any device with internet connection (PC, Mac or Smartphone).  All wireless data transmissions are encryption protected and only you can choose who can access your data.

The iLAPS real-time web app gives you easy-to-understand explanations on where you are losing and gaining time as well as advice on how you can improve your driving.  The lap replay playback is one of the most helpful tools in iLAPS.  Lap playback allows you to simulate two laps (from the same or different sessions) on the screen simultaneously. Therefore, you can determine how far ahead or behind in feet or meters and seconds lap X is compared to lap Y.

iLAPS comes equipped with predictive computer simulated ghost drivers.  The ghosts in iLAPS are ideally suited for comparing your race line with the ghost driver’s ideal race line. The predictive computer simulated ghost driver line is calculated by the 

iLpas here is what you get

iLAPS system incorporating professional driving lines and is very accurate. 

iLAPS comes equipped with instant access to a large database of official race tracks from around the world with no need to find coordinates or track files.  Just show up and odds are, your track will be available.  If not, you can easily create a race track or request one to be added.  Should your home track be missing, after on

e lap its coordinates will be automatically detected by iLAPS and, if you wish, it will be included in the Cloud database.  So, immediately after switch-on, iLAPS will determine its position, identify the track and start loading start/finish line coordinates.

The iLAPS package appears to be an affordable option for track day drivers.  It bridges the gap between smart phone apps and expensive data logging equipment, usually employed by racing teams.  The embedded electronic components add a high level of accuracy.  The phone app and cloud solution make data sharing and analysis a snap.  With driving coaches moving to virtual interaction with students, iLAPS may be coming along at just the right time.  We will be testing the system soon, so stay tuned for more.  

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