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"The program will help drivers get into the zone and perform at their best more often. Who doesn’t want that?!"


Inner Speed Secrets Webinar with Ross Bentley

by Ziva Allen


RossBentley5Ross Bentley has been very generous with his time and support.  He has participated in an interview for two articles and is contributing to our series on driving techniques.  Ross has been getting the word out about our magazine and our content and we wanted to get the word out about his upcoming webinar, Inner Speed Secrets.  This is a new format for him and it is launching next week on the 14th.  The deadline to register is on October 10, 2014, this Friday.  We feel this will be a real opportunity for our readers to improve their driving skills and we urge you to sign up.  We will be in on the call ourselves!


What differentiates one driver from another?  Bentley believes that it starts with a driver’s physical abilities but ultimately, it’s the mental skills that will separate the best from the rest.


Ross Bentley’s Inner Speed Secrets program has been helping drivers of all levels perform more consistently at their best for more than twenty years.  Drivers like Colin Braun (sports car & NASCAR driver), Alexander Rossi (Marussia F1 reserve driver), Darrell Wallace, Jr (NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver), and hundreds of everyday track day and club racers have benefitted from Ross’ coaching.


In the past, the only avenue through which we could benefit from Ross’ expertise was through one-on-one coaching or by attending an Inner Speed Secrets seminar.  The cost and challenge of attending a seminar in person meant the program has only reached performance and race drivers with the most resources.  Well not anymore!


Ross is offering a six hour webinar which willl be presented over four evenings beginning October 14 and continuing on October, 15, 21 and 22.  Each session will be 90 minutes from 5:30-7:00pm Pacific/8:30-10:00pm Eastern.  We asked Ross to fill us in on the details of what we can expect from attending his webinar.


Q.  Who should attend the webinar?


The Inner Speed Secrets webinar is designed for drivers of all levels and types of motorsport.


  • Young or old
  • Amateur or pro
  • Novice or experienced
  • Road racer, oval racer, drag racer
  • HPDE, track day drivers
  • Club racers


Q.  Why should you attend the webinar?


“Have you had days when you drove really well, and you felt as if you were in the zone? Then you had other days when you didn’t perform at your best? If you’d like to perform in the zone more often, the Inner Speed Secrets webinar will give you the tools to do just that.”


Over the 6 hours (four 90-minute sessions), you’ll learn how to:


  • Drive faster, more consistently
  • Make better decisions
  • Sense the limits of your car better
  • Learn tracks more quickly
  • Trigger a performance state of mind
  • Maintain your focus
  • Get into the zone more often


Q.  Will there be any materials provided?


“Yes. I’ll provide a number of handouts and worksheets that participants will use during the webinar.  You’ll also receive a PDFRossBentley6 of the presentation slides to refer to later.  While I won’t exactly be assigning you homework, I will give you the tools to create your own “driver development plan.”


Q.  What happens if I have to miss one of the four sessions?


“A recording of the entire webinar will be available afterward for download for those who have registered. If you miss a session, or want to review the content in the future, it’ll all be there for you.”


Q.  Will there be an opportunity to ask questions?


“Absolutely. During the webinar, I’ll stop for a few questions.  And the last 30 minutes or so of each session will be devoted to answering questions. In every presentation I do, I like to make it a two-way conversation. Obviously, in a webinar format that is more difficult, but I still want to allow as much discussion as possible.”


Q.  If someone has never taken a webinar before, how does it work?


“Prior to the first session, you’ll receive both a web link and a phone number.  Just before the start of the session, you will need to be in front of your computer to log into the web link, which will connect you with the webinar.  You’ll either be able to listen through your computer, or the phone number you were given.  Once the webinar begins, you’ll see the presentation and hear Ross talking.  He will go through the presentation, providing a balance between theory and practical information. In each of the four sessions, at the end of around 60 minutes or so, Ross will switch to Q&A mode.  However, throughout the session, if you have a question you can type it into a dialogue box so he can see it, and answer it – as if you were in a seminar setting.”


Q.  How will the webinar help a participant’s driving?


“While I will need to give students some background information so that they can understand the concepts, I’ll be focusing on providing practical strategies and tactics that they can use to help maintain focus better on the track, trigger a performance state of mind, learn tracks more quickly, make better decisions, learn new skills and techniques, and get into the zone more often. In other words, to perform better, more consistently.  And who doesn’t want that?! But, all theory without any practical tools would be next to useless, as would all practical tools without any understanding of why they work, so I aim for a balance between the two.”


We asked Ross to describe his Inner Speed Secrets program. 


“The Inner Speed Secrets program has been developed over the past couple of decades to help drivers perform better.  Simple as that.  It’s a combination of a number of different disciplines: sports psychology, educational kinesiology, human performance factors, sport vision therapy, coaching techniques, and even a touch of martial arts. I’ve been fine-tuning the program through my own and client drivers’ trial and error – and it works!”


RossBentley3Ross shared some feedback he’s received  from drivers at various levels:


“Even though I’m new to performance driving – this is just my second year of doing HPDE – what I learned from Ross at the Inner Speed Secrets seminar was invaluable. And I know I’ll be able to use it for many years to come. What a great investment in me!”  BMW CCA HPDE Driver


“In a way, I wish the Inner Speed Secrets program was not available to anyone else – just me. It’s that good. I guess I’ll just have to use what it gave me better than anyone else.”  SCCA Club Racer


“What I learned at the Inner Speed Secrets seminar is stuff that I use every day of my racing career. It gave me the tools to take my driving to a whole new level, and it’s a big part of why I’m making a great living driving race cars today.”  Pro Racer


Ross Sums Up


  • This program is unique, and exclusive, but being made available online, for the first time.
  • Some of the best drivers in the world have used this program, and it really makes a difference – drivers will perform better than they ever have.
  • Due to the webinar format, I'm able to deliver this program at a very low price, but registration is limited.  Sign up before October 10th to get a spot.  Don't delay or you'll get left behind by the drivers who do participate in the webinar.
  • This program has truly been a secret of a relatively small number of drivers and I'm now making it more available for a limited time - still only to those who register by this coming Friday.
  • The program will help drivers get into the zone and perform at their best more often. Who doesn’t want that?!


Ross also wants you to know this:  “register before October 10th, and pay only $99 for the October 14-15-21-22, 2014 webinar.  That’s $99 for six hours of training you can’t get anywhere else!”


You can register at


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