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"The advantages of High Performance Street Race Pads over HP Plus are that they offer more torque and a higher temp rating for greater fade resistance.  The temp rating of HP Plus is 100-800 degrees F and HPS Street/Race is 100-1200 degrees F."


Hawk Performance Street/Race Pads

by Ziva Allen


Hawk400pxBack in the day I ran Pagid Orange brake pads.  These were track specific brake pads and so they had to be swapped in before track day events and swapped out afterwards.  What a hassle!  And if you got lazy and left them in, you were risking your neck, not to mention listening to the constant annoying screech sound they made and unsightly brake dust they left all over your nice, beautiful rims.  Nowadays, just as we have street/track tires, more and more street/track brake pads are available.  These pads have a wide temperature operating range so that they can be used at the track, but also are safe for use on the streets where temperatures do not have to climb into the 600s F to allow for bite in an emergency.  

Hawk Performance is a leading supplier of severe duty and high-performance friction products manufactured in ISO-certified facilities for the motorsports and performance automotive aftermarket.  In the past decade, Hawk Performance friction products have won more motorsports championships than any other friction manufacturer.  Hawk Performance gave us the HP Plus pad for street and track use.  They have now upped their game with the newer Hawk Performance Street/Race pads.  

Below Hawk Performance explains the benefits of using their brand of street/track pads: 

The trend of using a street car in competition increases every year and competitors are always demanding more, they are always looking for an edge over the competition. The new Hawk High Performance Street/Race brake pad compound provides that edge and provides it in spades; it is the ultimate high performance, street brake pad! Perfect for aggressive street car owners that also use their cars for autocross, HPDE, open track and time trail racing. High Performance Street/Race pads feature Hawk’s mechanical (bond) retention system (MRS), slotted friction, hot bond shim, and pad chamfer that improve the vehicle handling, safety and driver confidence. It performs flawlessly at all temperatures and operating temperatures range from 100-1200F with superior torque while providing a consistent feel and characteristics. 

Using decades of engineering and technology from our racing programs, the Hawk Performance team cross engineered the new Street/Race compound. The pad provides a smooth, consistent brake pedal feel while still proving superior brake rotor grab, the performance of this pad cannot be matched without installing racing pads. The High Performance Street/Race pad is designed to perform consistently in temperatures up to 1200°F while still maintaining great pedal feel. 

Key Features 

While the High Performance Street/Race pad is ideal for many aggressive drivers that own high performance street cars, it does produce a bit of noise and dust. 

Aggressive Torque 

Great Rotor and Pad Wear Life 

100-1200°F Operating Temperatures 

Smooth and Predictable Control 

Designed to Deliver High Deceleration Rates 

Smooth Braking Feel 

Consistent Brake Release Characteristics 

We asked Edwin Mangune of Hawk Performance Products Group to talk to us a bit about their street/track line of brake pads: 

Q.  What led Hawk to develop this new pad and what are its advantages over HP Plus? 

A.  OEMs are building heavier and more powerful vehicles which increases the load on the factory brake systems.  We noticed a trend that the performance HPHawk Compound Chart400px Plus on these new performance vehicles, such as the Mustang 5.0, Camaro, Corvette, CTS-V, BMW M3 and Honda S2000, etc. was becoming marginal.  HP Plus is our low level torque brake pad to get you to and from the track without requiring a brake change.  We developed High Performance Street Race Pads to offer a medium level torque brake pad to meet the demands of the end-users who are spiritedly driving these types of new performance vehicles.  We have developed our High Performance Street Race Pads by modifying our DTC motorsports pad technology.  To mitigate noise, our High Performance Street Race Pads are chamfered, slotted, and include shims.  From my experience, our High Performance Street Race Pads are dusty and noisy because they are a motorsport pad that has been tweaked to be driven on the street.  The advantages of High Performance Street Race Pads over HP Plus are that they offer more brake torque and a higher temperature rating for greater fade resistance.  The temperature rating of HP Plus is 100-800 degrees F and HPS Street/Race is 100-1200 degrees F. 

Q.  Explain mechanical (bond) retention system (MRS), slotted friction, hot bond shim, and pad chamfer technologies. 

A. Our street and motorsport pads highlight our mechanical retention system (MRS) which features hundreds of extruded hooks that increases the surface area where the friction bonds to the steel backing plate.  Since its introduction, MRS has mitigated pad edge lift and delamination. 

Q.  What other new products are coming that may be of interest to the HPDE crowd? 

A. We have recently rolled-out our DTC-50 pads.  Our DTC-50s are high torque pads that can be used with DTC-70s and DTC-60s when split friction between front and rear axles is desired.  The temperature range of DTC-50 is 300-1400 degrees F. 

Below are some tips for installation and bedding from Hawk Performance: 


Install brake pads properly.  Be sure pads are securely positioned in the caliper. 

Flush system with fresh brake fluid. 

Check all hydraulic parts for excess wear and tear. 

Check disc for proper thickness, parallelism, and lateral runout. 

Check disc for scoring or grooves over .012”depth.  If either applies, resurfacing is required. 

If discs do not need resurfacing, then contamination from the previous brake pads must be removed.  Sand discs with 130-grit sandpaper using moderate pressure.  Use soap and water to clean disc surface after sanding and machining.  Discs should be free and clear of oil, grease, and brake fluid. 

Inspect calipers for freedom of movement. Lubricate where necessary. 


After installing new brake pads, make 6-to-10 stops from approximately 30-35 MPH applying moderate pressure. 

Make an additional 2-to-3 hard stops from approximately 40-45 MPH. 


Allow at least 15 minutes for the brake system to cool down. 

After step 4 is completed, your new Hawk Performance brake pads are ready for use. 

With the right sets of tires and pads, you can enjoy your next track day and never get your hands dirty.  See you at the track and on the street!

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