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“It is truly phenomenal.  It goes fast and if it happens to rain, we would hope that it rains every day as it is all wheel drive and I am very comfortable with that kind of condition."  


The BMW Performance Center to Contest the 2015 One Lap Of America with New BMW X6 M


Woodcliff Lake, NJ – April 28, 2015…  The BMW Performance Center, with partners BMW Manufacturing, BMW Performance Parts and IHG Rewards Club today announced that it will compete in the 2015 One Lap of America with the all-new 567 horsepower 2015 X6 M starting May 2, 2015.  This year’s team will be co-piloted by BMW Performance Center Driving Instructor, Michael Renner, BMW Powertrain Engineer Michael Broad and One Lap veteran Tom Lappin. The trio will compete in two classes, Truck/SUV and Stock Touring. The 2015 One Lap of America competitors will depart South Bend, Indiana on a 3,245 mile, 7 day route spanning eleven states and consisting of Time Trials, Drag Racing, Skid Pad Car Control and of course, long overnight transit stages.


The BMW Performance Center is the home to BMW’s Performance Driving School. The main campus is located in Greer, South Carolina and incorporates the BMW Performance Center Delivery Program and the Zentrum museum featuring 95 years of BMW history.  A second location with dedicated road course and training facility opened late last year partnered with The Thermal Club, a premier private motorsports club few minutes outside of La Quinta, California. The BMW Performance Driving School offers a variety of driving classes that highlight the performance, responsiveness, and safety features in each BMW product.  Driving schools are offered in 1 and 2 day formats. They include a Teen Driving School, Car Control School, M School, and Advanced M School.  Exclusive corporate driving events are also offered in many variants ranging from half day programs to 3 day events with on track driving and offsite tours and excursions.


The new 2015 X6 M is the most powerful xDrive vehicle ever offered by BMW. The M TwinPower Turbo 4.4-liter V8 produces 567 hp and peak torque of 553 lb-ft 2,200 to 5,000 rpm. The power is fed to the advanced xDrive system through an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission and allows the X6 M to sprint 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds on its way to an electronically limited 155mph. A sophisticated oil sump system works alongside multiple low and high pressure radiators, M Compound brakes and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires to insure that the X6M is as capable on track above 1.0g of sustained lateral forces as it is in wrapping the passengers in comfort during the long transit stages. The new X6 M is produced by BMW Manufacturing in Greer, SC.


OneLap 400pxWe asked Mike Renner to comment on April 28’s One Lap of America press release.


“I will be doing this year’s One Lap of America in an X6 M, which I actually did about four years ago in a previous generation X6 M.  The previous generation was very impressive but this one is a substantial jump up.  It turns in much better, has a bit more power, and the chassis dynamics of the car is a huge step up.  We run the car as a customer can buy it.  So, although there are cars in One Lap such as modified Nissan GTRs with 700 to 800 horsepower, we run the car purely stock.  We’re not going to take overall obviously but our goal is to hopefully win the truck SUV category.  We will also run it in the other category of stock touring with probably 65 to 70 other cars.  So we will have some fun and just see how far up the list we can go overall.  I think it will surprise a lot of people.  The new one has surprised me.  Love it or hate it but you have to admit - it’s odd that you have this kind of SUV with that power and performance.  Is there a market for it?  Well people are buying it!  If nothing else, you have to be impressed by the engineering capability.  It is truly phenomenal.  It goes fast and if it happens to rain, we would hope that it rains every day as it is all wheel drive and I am very comfortable with that kind of condition.  I’ve got two other guys to help me do the transit driving.  Michael Broad, who is a powertrain engineer who actually developed the powertrain on the X6 M will be along.  And Tom Lappin who has participated in a couple of One Lap of Americas with me previously, will be along.  I will do all of the track driving and Michael will do the drag racing.”


For further information about the 3,245 mile, seven day One Lap of America competition, click here:

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