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National Distribution Set for August 25

mclaren filmNEW YORK – July 12, 2017 – Gunpowder & Sky, the global content studio, released the official trailer today for McLaren, the incredible true story of Bruce McLaren, the legendary racing champion, designer, engineer and founder of the iconic supercar that bears his name.

Developed for U.S. audiences, the newly released trailer offers rare footage and perspectives from former colleagues, crew members and on-track competitors. The special preview is accessible at

In addition, Gunpowder & Sky announced that the documentary will be available in the U.S. via video-on-demand, starting August 25th.  Preceding that national release will be a series of special event screenings, culminating with an August 18thshowing during Monterey Car Week, the international collector car world’s preeminent annual event.

A fearless sportsman and a brilliant visionary engineer, Bruce McLaren became a superstar during the glamorous jet-set world of 1960s Formula One motor racing. McLaren recounts the New Zealander’s life, from his humble beginnings at his father’s auto shop in Auckland, to revolutionizing Formula One racing by becoming the youngest driver ever to win a Grand Prix, to his death at 32. Featuring interviews from his closest friends and family members, the documentary is an unprecedented window into the life of a true genius.

Directed by Roger Donaldson, McLaren was written by Matthew Metcalfe, Tim Woodhouse and James Brown, with Fraser Brown and Metcalfe producing. The film was made by General Film Corporation and Universal Pictures in association with the New Zealand Film Commission, Images & Sound, The Giltrap Group and FB Pictures, with funding through the New Zealand Government’s Screen Production Funding Grant and financing from the ANZ Bank.

“In the automotive and motorsports worlds, Bruce McLaren was the true definition of the term ‘icon,’ as evidenced by his astounding accomplishments both on and off the racetrack” said Jake Hanly, Gunpowder & Sky’s VP of Acquisitions. “We are honored to have the opportunity to bring this amazing story to U.S. audiences.”

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