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$1600 Will Get You The Look, But The Performance Will Cost You 17 Times More

Camaro ConversionDenver, CO – June 24, 2015 - Life just got a little easier for Camaro SS owners looking for a way to convert their car to a Z/28, as has taken the time to spec out the exact parts an SS owner needs to buy in order to convert their car to a Z/28. The good news: All the parts are available to order online. The bad news: The total cost of these parts is $28,091.02.

"I gotta say the cost of the Z/28 conversion is lower than I thought it would be," says Mike King, director of "Before I sat down and did the math, I would have told you it would be cheaper to just buy a Z/28. But, assuming you can do all the installation work yourself, it just might be cheaper to build a Z/28 from an SS than to buy one from the dealership," says King.

A new 2015 Camaro Z/28 has a base MSRP of $72,305, compared to the $33,505 base MSRP of a new 2015 Camaro 1SS. While building up a base 1SS model isn't exactly the same as buying a Z/28, the $38,800 price difference between the two models is greater than the cost of the parts you can order online.

"Don't get me wrong, a factory Z/28 Camaro isn't the same as an SS that's been modified," says King. "The factory cars are lighter due to less sound deadening, they've got no A/C, a stereo with a single speaker, etc. The factory-built Z/28 is basically a production race car." Adds King "Still...this is surprising."

For Camaro SS owners only interested in making their car appear as though it is a Z/28 - rather than be completely comparable - SS owners need to buy only three parts: a grille insert, an aero kit, and a spoiler. The total cost of these parts is a little less than $1600.


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